03/15/2016 01:29 EDT | Updated 03/16/2017 05:12 EDT

5 Ways To Maximize Your "Me-Time"

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Being on "The Bachelorette" was the most meaningful and life-changing experience. I found the love of my life and built a busy career (with a travel schedule to match). I'm extremely grateful for all of this, but I've also learned that carving out time for myself, free from work obligations and time with Shawn is required to create balance. That being said, finding the time can be a challenge. So, I've learned some tricks to being prepared when I find a moment to myself.

1) Plan an evening alone: It's no surprise that the days can quickly get away from us. I often find myself planning activities with friends and family every day of the week. My calendar can fill up so quickly and by the time Sunday night rolls around, I haven't had a moment alone! Be conscious of the activities you're planning and try to leave one night free. You may be able to get in some long awaited "me-time" then.

2) Schedule your favourite alone-time activities: Set aside a day or an hour, if you can, and book a visit to your favourite spa for a massage or squeeze in a trip to the gym or a moment to meditate. Free time should be uplifting and energizing, so it's something you look forward to. I've always been into dance, and have lately started singing, so finding time for both of these passions are great ways for me to step away and take some much needed time for myself.

3) Keep your favourite snacks on-hand: Make sure you're always stocked up with your favourite "me-time" snacks. Keeping my favourite snacks fully stocked can be tough with Shawn around, so I stash them away - and it turns out many women have the same idea. A recent study commissioned by Smartfood found that nearly one third (32 per cent) of Canadian women hide their snacks and will go to great lengths to keep them safe too, stashing them everywhere from flower pots, couch pillows to closets . Hiding my favourite snacks helps me know that I'll always be prepared to indulge.

4) Update your favourite music playlist: I like to make sure my favourite playlist is up-to date with all the latest country and rap (an eclectic mix for sure) so I'm always able to throw it on. Curate your music library so that you have playlists for every occasion from working out, to recharging, to making a home-cooked meal. Everything is made better with good tunes!

5) Set the mood: I have a few necessities that I love to have around when I'm getting ready to recharge. I enjoy scented candles and keep some feel-good TV cued up and ready to go (my personal preference is Ellen) so that I can sit down with my favourite snacks and enjoy when I have a spare moment. I recommend picking out the things you like to have to have around most when spending time alone and make sure you always have them on hand. There's nothing worse than missing that one key item that would have just made your time perfect!

So, to ensure I get the most out of my "me-time," I'm always fully prepared. Whether it be planning out my week, to stashing my favourite snacks or updating my playlists regularly, these are tips to make sure you're always prepared for "me-time" whenever it comes along. At the end of the day, "me-time" is so fleeting and hard to plan, so when it pops up, you really have to make it count!

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