07/03/2013 05:05 EDT | Updated 09/02/2013 05:12 EDT

People For Good Use Good Deeds to Make Your Day Better

Canadians reap the benefits of our gentle dispositions when we travel abroad, a fact galvanized by other countries "borrowing" our maple leaf for their backpacks, trying to masquerade as us. But to witness rush-hour road rage on the Gardiner Expressway, or cram into a packed subway train, you might never guess this is a country known for its politesse.

In fact, if you catch us at our worse, we can seem downright boorish.

If you do find yourself shoehorned into one of those subway cars and just happen to look up (for salvation? fresh air?) you might find yourself looking smack at a message encouraging kindness courtesy of People for Good.

People for Good, a coalition formed in 2011 by a collaboration between a media and creative agency, has a simple, albeit grandiose, mandate: to make the world a kinder place, one good deed at a time. No catch. No fundraising. No veiled corporate purveyor. Just an honest-to-goodness decree to inspire kindness. How refreshing is that?

While People for Good has been alive and well over the years, it has recently unveiled a fresh new campaign, so get ready to kick-start your do-gooding. In a series of follow up posts, I'll cherry-pick a few of their inspiring ideas, test drive some others and hopefully help spread the message of kindness. In the meantime, check out their newly refreshed site at and their brilliant new spot, here.

Random Acts Of Kindness