09/11/2013 12:22 EDT | Updated 11/11/2013 05:12 EST

How to Make Your Workplace a Better Place

By now, you likely have a fair understanding of the People for Good campaign (here's a quick introduction) and have caught the kindness contagion by doing all kinds of good at home. The next frontier for inspiring good? The office.

If you log a typical eight or nine hour workday, you likely spend more time with colleagues than friends -- all the more reason to inject some kindness into these business relationships. This isn't a plea to blur the lines between personal and professional, for those that prefer to keep them decidedly apart. Sometimes colleagues turn into friends, sometimes they remain in a business regardless. The point is rather to make the office a kinder place, even through quiet, clandestine ways.

Regardless of whether it it is your first week or fifth year, inspire kindness among your colleagues.

Offer to help

Co-worker in the weeds? Offer to help take some work off of their plate or cover a shift for them.

Tidy up the office kitchen

Oh, the tragedy of the commons. When a space is shared, there is little accountability to take ownership of that. Buck that. The coffee won't wipe itself up, and the dishwasher doesn't magically unload itself. Take that off of someone's plate.

Acknowledge a job well done

Recognition feels goods. Make a colleague's day by telling them you admired something they did. That could take the form of a private email, or give them props in a meeting among their peers.

Say hello

Chat with a colleague you've never met before. Make a point to learn their name and their role in your company.

For more ways to spread some good around your office, or to share your good ideas, visit this smart section of People for Good.

Random Acts Of Kindness