11/28/2012 08:06 EST | Updated 01/27/2013 05:12 EST

Are You Really Ready to Make More Money?

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Are you ready to have more money? Really?

My next question is : are you ready to give up the struggle ?

Well, are you?

I know, I know -- you're jumping up and down saying "YES! YES! YES!" to all those questions. Of course, who doesn't want to have more? Who wouldn't be ready to give up the struggle? Who wouldn't want to have more money?

You're right, who wouldn't? BUT! And this is a BIG BUT! What it means is you have to think different, act different, be different. And most of all, you need to give up having to be right.

You see as soon as we start to do all those things differently, we automatically start to invalidate our life up until this point. We invalidate our self prior to this moment, our friends and, god forbid, we invalidate our family and their thinking and way of being.

Let me tell ya, it ain't a way to be popular. (or like my Dad would say "poopular" invoking the spirit of mockery from his favourite show Royal Canadian Air Farce.)

What do I mean by invalidate their reality? As soon as you start changing the way you act or speak, your friends and family will notice and unless they're "ahead" of you on this path of awareness it's likely they're going to think you've gone nutty. AND, they will express it to you in no uncertain terms. They might get mad at you, they might mock you, they might try to embarrass you, they might even try to shame you. Nice, hey?

Probably some of you have already been through this.

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Why would they do this? Because they're trying to find the you they know. They are trying to connect, whether they know it or not, energetically, to the "old" you. When you change, especially around your beliefs, thoughts and actions around money, it automatically threatens their way of thinking and being with money. Unintentionally, they want you to return to your old ways so they don't have to look at and assess that their way of being with money doesn't necessarily work.

This whole process of trying to change and having strong reactions from those closest to you is why most people don't get very far in changing from wanting (which actually means "lacking") to having. It's pretty damn uncomfortable and most people step backwards and just wish something externally would change their state of money. This can range from wishing to win the lottery to hoping some long-lost relative leaves a giant inheritance to bags of money dropping from the sky.

Don't get me wrong, I buy lottery tickets every week BUT I also have a solid plan to create more bridges for money to reach me. Most people don't have that in place.

Looking at the way we do "money" is pretty much avoided by everyone on the planet. Which is evident everywhere you look these days.

So are you really ready to have more? Okay, there are three things I want you to do:

1. Write down all your points of view about having more money, your ability to make more money, what you think others will be like with you having more money.

2. I want you to clear all limiting beliefs about this. If you don't know a clearing process, just ask yourself for each of these individually, if you're willing to destroy and un-create the limiting belief. That will be a great start.

3. Start putting 10 per cent of your money into a "Having" account, not a savings account -- you can have one of those too but let me ask you what the energy is around having a savings account is -- why do you save? (Lots of people will say I'm saving for a rainy day and guess what!? Rainy days will come if you save for them!) This Having account is an honoring of you and you never spend it...ever.

These are just some ways to start, if you want more, check out my complimentary online videos at