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5 Ways to Enhance Intimacy

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Have you ever been exhausted from a stressful day at work or felt tense and emotionally closed down? Does the stress make it so challenging to come home and be the loving, soft, vivacious, and sexy you (for divine feminine) or the strong, patient, powerful, and resourceful you (for sacred masculine)? You are about to discover five very powerful and productive tips that will do it all for stress management, finding love within yourself and reconnecting with your core nature, so you can go home and be ready to create a passionate love-making relationship.


First, I want to mention that so many people can relate to this feeling of depletion, exhaustion, and confusion. You are not alone. We are culturally conditioned to put our strong and fearless side forward in order to climb to the top of the food chain. However, if you take this energy home, it will cost you a lot -- specifically, lack of passion in your intimate relationship.

I strongly believe that the quality of your life is the quality of your relationship: first with yourself, and second with your romantic partner. Since you are reading this article, I assume that you are on your way of mastering the relationship with yourself. However, the relationship that most of us masters the least is our intimate relationships.

These five easy life hacks will provide you with simple strategies to shift your energy and focus from work and business to love and passion. They don't require a lot of hard work, but they do require serious commitment that I know you have.

1. Celebrate a ritual of authenticity.

Come up with a ritual that will condition your mind to turn off the office mode. At first, it might require some diligent effort, but if you do it with enough repetition, with enough consistency and certainty, and with enough emotional intensity, soon it will become your second nature. One of my male clients goes to the gym right after work, another takes 30 minutes to feed his mind with a great read. What will you choose?

2. Create a music playlist.

You are driving or taking transit anyway. Find a few songs that entice and trigger your masculine or feminine core energy. Make sure these songs prime you for love, intimacy, and passion and not for aggression and impatience.

3. Make a radical change in your physiology.

You can alter your emotional state in a matter of seconds by changing your physiology. In our society, we do not move enough. There is an extraordinary power in movement. Here is a paradox, we believe that in order to relax and reconnect with our bodies we have to sit on our butts. No wonder obesity is still on the rise in North America.

Plus, people would rather watch TV then have sex with their lovers. The best way to reconnect with your body, your emotions, your sexuality, your soul is to MOVE. Lifting weights, sprinting, or abruptly changing breathing pattern will shift your mind-set in a heartbeat.

4. Jump into the shower.

Water has amazing qualities of redirecting our focus to within ourselves. Many women and men who struggle with low sexual desire report lack of connection with their own bodies and sensations. A ritualizing shower can help you change your focus. It will ground you by metaphorically washing off accumulated stress of the day and reawaken your senses.

5. Do a dance.

Dancing is powerful. Do you remember yourself as a kid and dancing your butt off just because...for no reason? Ladies, if you have a luxury of having a few minutes to yourself -- dance naked. This ritual will do it all for you -- sexuality is energy that needs movement to radiate.

What are the three takeaways for you from this post that will help bring you closer to passion in love you deserve?

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