07/03/2012 01:59 EDT | Updated 09/02/2012 05:12 EDT

The Mini Skirt Turns 50 and Doesn't Look It


The mini skirt turns 50 this year and to celebrate the iconic garment has partnered with local fashion stylist Amy Lu to share shopping tips and style advice. Lu has styled for over a decade, working with everyone from politicians to top models. I chatted with Lu about the evolution of the skirt and where it is today.

Did you know the mini skirt was named after the Mini Cooper? Famed English fashion designer Mary Quant named the morceau of fabric after her favourite vehicle in the 60s.

How has the mini skirt changed since the 60s?

The mini is a signature look that has transformed over the decades with the trends. Right now some of the major trends in mini skirts are also big trends in fashion. For instance, colour and prints. The major designers showed lots of prints in their spring/summer runways and we're seeing it in mini skirts as well.

What are the most popular mini skirt styles right now?

Pleats and the mullet skirt are very popular. (The mullet mini is also known as the hi-lo skirt. Where the skirt is shorter in the front and longer in the back.)

How are women today wearing the mini?

How we wear the mini skirt and what we pair it with has changed. For example, in the 60s there was the whole go-go style (which meant pairing the mini with tall boots). Today kitten heels are a major tend so we're seeing minis paired with them as well as lace up flats.

Who are your favorite mini skirt icons?

Twiggy of course! Jennifer Lopez wears them and always looks incredible and she's in her 40s and has curves. Elle Macpherson is also in her 40s and wears sky-high mini skirts. Kate moss wears them effortlessly and looks awesome.

What are some unfortunate fashion faux-pas with the mini?

When women look uncomfortable then no matter how trendy or cute their look is, they look silly. Like, if you're walking around all evening tugging down your mini skirt because you're nervous or showing too much leg, you'll look uncomfortable.

You shouldn't pair a mini with anything that's too sexy. Instead, pair a mini with a shirt that has sleeves or doesn't show too much cleavage. Same with the shoes, you shouldn't wear the mini with sky-high stilettos because that could give off the wrong impression.

What should women look for when buying a mini?

When shopping for a mini, think about what it is you want to highlight and what it is you want to disguise. For example, if you have a great waist and you want to highlight that, then look for a mini skirt that has either a contrasting colour waistband or pleats. If you want to disguise your thighs then you'll want to go with a mini skirt that is longer in length so that it hits you at a slimmer part of your leg.

You can check out more of Lu's style tips on ebay Canada's Facebook page to learn how to shop for that perfect mini skirt.

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