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How to Communicate Yourself to Businesses

Connecting with people is a gift of mine.

Pretty bold opening statement. I re-visit it to say that connecting with a certain type of person is a gift of mine...and it is a gift of yours, too.

In the past few weeks I have been writing posts, talking to people after my talks across the country, talking to individuals one on one and what I have found across all of these conversations is, I keep meeting the same kind of person. They are people who are interested in improvement, they have positive energy, they are engaged in business either their own or would like to start their own in the future.

I look forward to meeting people everywhere I go because I love these kinds of people and for some reason I keep on meeting this kind of person over and over again.

I think I love meeting these people because they share a number of passions of mine -- improvement, optimism, business.

I meet these kind of people because I put myself in the way of them.

What kind of person do you seem to keep on meeting?

Why do you meet them? Do you consciously put yourself in front of them?

Do you communicate on topics or in a way that gets you in the presence of people that you want to be surrounded by?

If you do not, can you define the kind of people you want to surround yourself and your business with?

If you can define those people and you know they talk to someone else or they follow another business, can you study how that business communicates differently than you?

If you have gone through all of this and you see that you are still not attracting the people you want you, have you checked your integrity with your message?

Recently I dealt with a business that said they behaved a certain way and that they believed their message yet when I visited a store, the people employed there did not resonate this message nor did the state of the store reflect the message communicated.

Alternately I dealt with a business that spoke a way, behaved that same way and delivered over and above. I am connected with this brand and support and promote this brand fully.

If you are spending time delivering a message that your business is not truly in integrity supporting and does not live up to, you do more damage faking it than by communicating what you can actually do.

I think that too many people and businesses try to be something they are not. They attract a certain type of people and then disappoint those people.

If you want to attract a certain kind of people or clients, just be the kind of person and business they would be attracted to...don't fake it. Communicating with your own unique audience is your gift...use it.

You attract the kind of people and clients that match how you communicate yourself and your value (and how you deliver it), like it or not.

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