02/26/2014 10:37 EST | Updated 04/28/2014 05:59 EDT

What Modern Leadership is Lacking

I do some speaking here and there around the globe. Wherever I go, people always ask me about Leadership.

I capitalize Leadership because in the context of this post -- it is a double noun. It is both a person and a place.

You see, Leadership is something we can not 'do' once a quarter in a board meeting. Leadership is our very being exposed by how we are unto the world, our work, other people, ourselves. Leadership is the person we are at our core, as witnessed by those who see us embrace our full selves and have the confidence to be out in front living out truth. Leadership is our person -- our truest self, as seen through the window of our actions in every minute.

Leadership is a place. Well truly it is not exactly one place, but many places and many experiences and many adventures that one draws from. Some may think Leadership is a place you get to by setting out a most direct path to achievement. I say it is the sum of all of the places you go along the way which are both off of the beaten path as well as on it. When it comes to Leadership, it is the most indirect path which provides the greatest breadth of knowledge from which to draw both during good and difficult times as a Leader.

Leadership in the modern era requires keen decision making skills and a wealth of knowledge from which to draw one's experiences. When directions need to be set in a matter of an instant often times now, Leaders today must draw from within. Leaders must have access to the who they are as opposed to the person they either believe they should be or the role model they mould themselves after.

Great leaders know that modern leadership is in the 'being' and not in the 'doing' an that the least direct paths often yield the best route to success.

Here is a short video of me shot by my speaking agent on the subject, but those who watch only the video and do not read to the end will miss out on the very best stuff (that I save only for my readers).

In the spirit of the road less travelled and the truth of Leadership,