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Top 10 Career Tips For Millennials

Go with your passion: It is a very challenging time right now to find work... go after the things that inspire creativity in you, (with wisdom) you will find your way and will ultimately be rewarded for it.

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There are many lists talking about career tips for Millennials these days and the big question is how to find one that will inspire you not just to that "show me the money" moment but that will enrich your life.

As a life coach for young adults (Millennials) seeking to rise above their challenges and succeeding through the process, I have noticed that when my clients realize that their challenges are in the past and life doesn't have to feel like "all the optimism has been squeezed out of me like the last bit of toothpaste from the tube" anymore, they ask me how to now find success. These are the tips I give my awesome clients and I want to share these tips with you. (Don't tell anyone else, though.)

1. Know your gatekeeper: Wherever you go, whomever you call, the person answering the phone usually knows exactly what's going on and who the best people to contact are. Treat them with respect and if they are willing, have them help you get to the right person. Nine times out of ten, they will!

2. Go with your passion: It is a very challenging time right now to find work. Most would then say "just do anything for a paycheck". I say "nyet". If you instead go after the things that inspire creativity in you, (with wisdom) you will find your way and will ultimately be rewarded for it.

3. A rose by any other name will be more open to you if you remember that name. Make sure you get their name. Ask, if you need to, for pronunciation and use their name at least three times in your conversation. (But don't Beetlejuice it).

4. Email really is a thing! It's not just for guilt trips from your parents. It is how most business people communicate and they expect an answer within 24 hours (or less). Also, if your email is change it to

5. Interviews are also a thing: Interviews are where you have to make your one and only first impression. Be interested in whomever you are meeting with. If they share personal interests ask them about it (without being creepy). Practice your interview techniques with someone in their 30's, 40's or older.

6. Resume, ready, rock. Put together your resume right now. (Well, after you finish reading this article). Think of the two or three different types of work you might want to try out for and have a master resume and then edit and modify it for the two or three variations you are going for. You may find something new comes up that you need to adjust the resumes. The master version will help.

7. Open and honest communication: One of the great things about Millennials that I have noticed is that they really do well when they are in an environment that is bulls**t free. Search that out in the company you intend to work for. Hang out wherever they take their breaks/lunches and chat up some of the people who work there and see if the higher-ups practice good lines of communication.

8. A sense of purpose: Millennials are a generation 80 million strong. This is a powerful demographic and you, yes you, can really make a difference. Seek out places to work that have a sense of purpose in their work but also that want to make a difference in the world. Even if it is in just one thing. That says so much about the future of that company.

9. Everybody needs a mentor. Of course I'm going to say that. It's what I do for a living but it's also what I have sought for myself since my teen years. I still seek out my own mentors for new projects. Look for someone outside of friends and family who can help you find your purpose and guide you towards your path to personal greatness.

10. Each person has greatness in them. Seek it in yourself by looking for it in every person you come in contact with. It may be one tiny thing but when you can find it in others you nourish your own greatness too. We amplify the things we focus on. Focus on things that create positivity.

There you have it! If you were one of my clients I would now tell you to start today. Start now! It doesn't matter if you don't have the whole thing together. Dedicate a bit of time each day towards this goal and picture it happening and you will be amazed at the results.

I changed my mind. You can tell one person... maybe two. Share this with someone who wants to be great and tell them you believe in them!

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