11/02/2015 11:36 EST | Updated 11/02/2016 05:12 EDT

Jews Praying At The Temple Mount (Al Aqsa)

rafal_kubiak via Getty Images
Dome of the rock at Temple Mount in Jerusalem

I have met so many wonderful Muslim people in my life. People who truly surrendered their will to the Creator and lived loving, peaceful lives and welcomed me. I have met many Orthodox Jews who saw past the fact that I don't look, dress or talk like them to see I have a love of the Creator deep within me and welcomed me in as well.

I studied Sufism for 10 years before I realized that my soul needed the connection that Judaism gives me. I have spent time learning the daily prayers and how to give thanks for each day. I love everyone who loves God and sees all mankind the way Guru Bawa Muhaiyaddeen taught it. As simply God, his prophets and his children. I also love those who do not believe in a higher power but who still maintain the belief in being conscious, loving human beings as long as they respect those who do the same through their religion.

So here's my my way of thinking: Israel fought many wars. In the 1967 war, they were victorious and expanded their lands to include the Temple Mount. A place Jews have prayed and still pray towards, throughout the world, for two millennium, wishing to be there. Now they have it but to keep the peace they may not go there. Muslims are allowed to go there but at times they are restricted as well.

To my limited understanding; Jews are not supposed to go to the Temple Mount in fear of us treading where the "holy of holies" was kept. Recently, some people have stated there are places one can go that would definitely not be the place where it would have stood (hereby being OK to "tread upon.")

I would like nothing more then to go there, but only if I could do it in peace with my Muslim cousins giving me their blessing. Then, if they would allow it, I would want to pray there. The place where the two temples were. How amazing that would be! Next, I would want my Muslim cousins to be there with me to see how I pray and if they would then be so kind, I would want to join them in their prayers (which I have done at mosques in Canada, I loved it) on their day or prayer. Let us share our love of the Creator. Let us share this holy Mount.

But, extremists on both sides use even this holy place to separate, to divide, to sew seeds of hate. It hurts my soul. I wait for my cousins to invite me. I wait for the peace loving, God fearing people on all sides to make this place a place of worship welcoming others, free of politics, or hate.

I pray that his day will come in our lifetimes.

As Bawa would say, If there are any errors in what I have said, please forgive me. Please forgive any errors. I speak from my heart with love and with longing. (The last sentence is mine.)