02/21/2012 11:01 EST | Updated 04/22/2012 05:12 EDT

Transforming Teen Angst Into the Seeds of Power

So many people live with a subtle, toxic level of angst, turning each aspect of their daily lives into drab shades of grey. It becomes their way of being, making it difficult to excel at anything. They tend to attract negative attention and the cycle just builds up to despair followed by defeat.

We are all at our core, seeds for growth and change. According to Darwin, the ones best at surviving the challenges of the world survive and multiply. I believe the seed of creation/creativity is our essence.

Every living organism creates waste. There is physical waste, emotional waste and spiritual waste. This waste comes into contact with our seed of creativity and covers it in waste. If you strip off the waste foisted onto you by yourself and others, you will return back to your creative seed, your essence.

Should these negative waste products be taken into our psyches, they can be misinterpreted as our essence, leading to depression. By learning to cleanse ourselves of outer and inner detritus, I think we will be on our way to returning to our core state. Here are the steps to do so:

Washing Off The Waste.

Water has amazing properties. Try washing your hands in cold water after a particularly challenging situation and say aloud your intention to be free from any negative energy. The very worst that will happen is you will have cold, clean hands.


When the waste covers us, our essence becomes imprisoned in our own body. The first remedy is to walk. Electronics-free walking is transformative. It becomes meditative, it frees up the body and allows the chemicals in the body to begin to transform us into well beings.


As you begin to walk (preferably amongst trees), you will find your mind eventually begins to relax. You shopping list of annoyances, fears and frustrations fade. The waste begins to melt away and you are ready to look around and search out simple pleasures; a bird, a tree, leaves, an ant doing its work, a lovely fragrance wafting in the breeze. As you begin to notice these things, you will find a smile lighting your lips. Give into it and let the feeling of that smile waft over you.


Smiling can reduce stress and increase the level of mood-enhancing hormones such as endorphins while reducing blood pressure. Smile, and if you don't feel like it, fake it! Pretty soon, it will be real.


So much of what we eat today has been created for ease of storage and transportation. Going back to a simple diet with fruits, vegetables and protein will nourish your body and your mind. Minimizing processed foods will let your body reconstitute itself.

Drinking Water.

Water helps to get rid of waste in the body and allow our systems to operate efficiently. Our cells need refilling several times a day.


When you find yourself overwhelmed by life's circumstances, go and help out someone else. Just focusing on someone else gets you out of the spiral of your own problems. It reminds you that we are all connected and let's that heart connection flow.

To Thine Own Self...

No one knows more clearly than you the words that can push you into a downward spiral, and no one knows as well as you the words that will let your heart sing. Think of the most perfect words and actions to uplift yourself and then say them and do them as often as you can.

In Conclusion...

So many people see the world as a scary, dangerous place. I see the world as a collection of shells hiding radiant, shining seeds filled with kindness and love. So on my bad days, I remember the radiant light and I'm OK for a little while longer.

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