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We Need to Stop Immortalizing Mass Shooters

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Guns are on display at Roseburg Gun Shop in Roseburg, Oregon, on October 2, 2015. Ten people were confirmed dead after a lone gunman who used protective clothing and multiple weapons, shot at students on the Umpqua Community College campus. US President Barack Obama warned Friday that failure to act on gun control was a 'political decision' and vowed to keep pushing for reform after America's latest mass shooting. 'Our inaction is a political decision that we are making,' Obama said, urging voters to help drive through gun safety laws that have been blocked in the Republican-controlled Congress. AFP PHOTO/CENGIZ YAR, JR. (Photo credit should read CENGIZ YAR, JR./AFP/Getty Images)

So... the Democrats say "ban guns" (not all of them, of course). The Republicans say "nuh-uh". Nothing gets done. They scream. The others scream. They stonewall. We stonewall. And then?...

Nothing gets done again.

One day a senior figure barely survives an assassination attempt. They make it their life's work to change gun laws. The bill goes to Congress and finally... nothing happens.

Meanwhile, a**h***s are seeing how many people they can shoot up to get famous.

Our most recent "piece of work", spent hours pouring over mass shootings. Was he looking for the names of victims? Was he wondering what happened to the families and consequences. Was he even hoping for some sort of social change, no matter how twisted?

No. Technique and notoriety.

You may point out that if I know this stuff about him, I too was reading about him. True. I'm not saying that the old adage "if it bleeds it leads" does not sometimes hook me in as well. Just look at my title!

I must confess. I am not smart enough to tell people who fear that their government may be after them, how to let themselves feel safe or what sort of armament will do that.

I do have only one suggestion. Forget about the guns. No. Don't charge a fortune for bullets like Chris Rock suggested. Obliterate their names for two generations.

What do you see today the day after the mass killings. This "man"s face plastered everywhere. His name, what he was doing, where he went to school. His thoughts.

It is now much easier to deal with one's urges and get "cred" by committing mass murder than to go fight for our country. How many people who have given their lives serving their country have their faces plastered on the newspapers, internet news or television? How many heroes who have saved lives are talked about over and over on the 24 hour news cycle?

Let's make a deal. We all create a movement and say: "No more Columbines". Tell your news organizations that you want them to put a moratorium on Killer's names, faces, or information for 50 years. Any paper, station or internet site who does not conform to this is boycotted (maybe a little help for Anonymous for this?) for one full year.

Let say enough is enough. Forget the guns. That doesn't seem to work. Obliterate their names, faces from history. That is the best form of destruction and the only one that will stop 90% of these bastards.

OK. I know this will probably not happen in my lifetime but we have to think of new ways to tackle notoriety seekers from killing for fame. I welcome your ideas.

Comments welcome below.


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