03/04/2013 08:45 EST | Updated 05/01/2013 05:12 EDT

Rebrand -- Oui Oui Quebec

So how cool would this assignment be -- rebrand Quebec and tell the world that La Belle Province is open for business?

I've had this type of assignment before only, it was with the Government of The Bahamas and The Bahamas Financial Services Board and they were rebranding after a particulary challenging stretch with a much loved, but very dubious Prime Minister -- he's since passed away and that particular assignment was a crazy fun one -- but, on to the present ...

What to do with Quebec on the global stage

Well, she of the "standard female politician book of style" (my word, does anyone ever tell these ladies that they need to get a stylist toute suite) Pauline Marois has been trotting all over telling folks that Quebec is indeed open for business and that all is well in Oz!

So, a new brand is in order -- a fresh start, a new twist, a collaberative environment ...

So, where to start...

Well, generally, we look for something that the brand can own on the brand landscape -- something authentic, supportable and unique -- after all, it's about standing out in the crowd so to speak and creating a blue ocean to swim in -- most of the provinces in Canada have economic development agencies and all of them are vying for foreign investment and new business starts so we need something to set Quebec apart.

Someting marvelleux, some je ne sais quoi, some joie de vivre -- after all this is the land of poutine and maple sugar and sexy men with interesting accents (okay, that's a personal observation, but I stand by it!!!)

Some Guy LaFleur and Ogilvey's all wrapped into one, a veritable Schwartz's smoked meat sandwich of opportunity -- large and tasty ...

And so I start with an internet search of all things Quebec -- surely there must be something that I can find that sets Quebec apart ....

And lo and behold, I find it ...

Pages and pages of really crappy press

Bridges falling down

Politicians on the take -- oh so many of them

The SAQ on the take -- maybe they lunch with the politicians

The language police -- take that Walmart for not Francaphoning your name, you silly company

Pauline in NYC -- okay, this might be good -- oh no, she's telling a crowd there that of course Quebec wants you with open arms the same day her gestapo language police are closing in on unsuspecting Pizza Huts across the province ... that can't be good

SNC Lavalin -- where to start with this one -- all I can say is that this company reinforces the old adage that S*&%^t flows downward

Arthur Porter -- WTF and what were all the "old boys" who hired this bozo (multiple times for multiple projects) smoking -- really???

The PM of Scotland avoiding the lovely Pauline completely during her last visit to Scotland (and why the bumpty bump was she in Scotland anyway -- a detour back from France?)

And that seperatist thing ... again, sigh

Pauline -- this is no way to attract international business -- do you really think that your continued yammering on about separatism has a positive effect in luring international business to Quebec -- note to self, if we get this assignment, our counsel would be for her to tone this mother down -- do you really think that an international company would risk coming to Quebec and investing in bricks and morter with this amount of crap and bad press going on?

I think not

What about all the good stuff about Quebec -- the art and the culture, the food and wonderful historic sites -- the fashion and the shopping and the warm, interesting people and the depannieur that sells beer and wine? I'm from Ontario, we don't have that ...

Where is all that -- well it's buried under a veritable mountain of bad press -- so much bad press that the people of Quebec must be pissed --

They come across as demented and corrupt and willing to do anything to make a buck

And that is very, very sad

But, we can't tarry there as we have a job to do -- find a new brand positioning for Quebec so that Pauline can continue her trek across the globe in search of takers for her "open for business" proposition

And so, we look for something else ...

Something unique and different

Catchy and memorable


What to do

What to do

Well -- let's turn all that bad press -- all those collective weaknesses into a strength ....

And here it is

Ta da

A new slogan is born ...

Quebec ...

Open for business

No ethics required

Catchy isn't it!!!