09/22/2011 09:34 EDT | Updated 11/22/2011 05:12 EST

What I Love Most About Canada

What I love most about Canada and being a Canadian is that I'm always asked what I love most about being a Canadian. I honestly believe that Canada is the only country in the world that sits around and asks that question. I refuse to believe that Argentines sit around asking each other what they love about Argentina. They just love it. I also refuse to believe that the second Bob Newhart show was better than the first -- but that is a topic for another blog.

We Canadians think and worry too much -- and thus we think and worry too much about ourselves. If countries were comedians, the U.S. would be Andrew Dice Clay and Canada would be Woody Allen. Yes. I see Canada as a short, balding man with thick glasses who stutters when talking to a girl.

We think and over-think things and say no a lot. Wayne and Shuster, Canada's most popular comedy team ever, did The Ed Sullivan Show more times than any other act except for Topo Gigio. Yes, only a rat puppet beat them out. The mighty American Network CBS offered them to come to Hollywood and do a TV show. They thought about it and thought about it (like any good Canadian would do) and said "No, we'd rather stay in Canada and make a lot less money." For doing this, they became national heroes. Only in Canada are people celebrated for saying no.

I do love being a Canadian. I really do. And I am a typical one. When asked to do this blog, I thought about it and thought about it and said no. I was Canadian enough to like the fact that I wouldn't make any money for it. But I said no. Yes, I am spiritually balding, short and wear thick glasses (in a few years, I will actually be that). It was only on a trip to the States, feeling the aggressiveness of Americana that I changed my mind and said yes. I love being a Canadian. A thoughtful Canadian who says no -- because at least we do think before we talk. Now if you excuse me, I have a re-run of The Bob Newhart Show to watch.

Kevin and fellow Kids in the Hall member Scott Thompson are currently on a national U.S. tour with their new comedy show "Two Kids, One Hall."