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Dear Premier Wynne: I Would Have Fired You Long Ago

Dear Premier Wynne,

Thank you for your letter. I have been writing you for a while now and was getting worried you were never going to write back.

I'm getting involved in the Conservative leadership race because I can't stand watching incompetent politicians destroy my country. You and Justin Trudeau are two of them. Rachel Notley would be the third.

kevin oleary

(Photo: Kevin O'Leary)

Look at Ontario, if this province were a company it would have been forced to declare bankruptcy ages ago. Because of your neglectful actions, Ontario is the world's most in-debt jurisdiction. Do you understand how bad that is? You and your policies have all but bankrupted a province that was once an economic powerhouse in Canada. If you were the CEO of one of my companies, I would have fired you long ago.

Your complete disregard for the people of Ontario has caused hydro prices to become completely unaffordable for families, sometimes forcing them to choose between groceries and heat. I am sure you saw the video where one homeowner recently broke down in tears as she tried to explain the current situation to Justin Trudeau. His response was to pass the buck and to say this is an Ontario problem.

Your policies have all but bankrupted a province that was once an economic powerhouse.

Premier, when you publicly took the blame and were forced to apologize to Ontarians because hydro prices have risen out of control, you admitted to "not paying close enough attention to some of the daily stresses facing Ontarians' lives."

What were you paying attention to? What exactly do you think your job is, if not to protect and support the people who elected you? How could you have let this happen?

Do you really think Ontario is going to be competitive with Michigan and other northern states after Trump eliminates regulations and lowers taxes? You're dreaming. Admit it, you did not see him coming and now you are totally caught off guard.

Your answer to everything is to raise taxes, take money from businesses that employ Ontarians and then try and re-invest it yourself. I'm sorry, but you are a terrible investor of taxpayers' money. That's why Ontario is $308 billion in debt.

Premier, you are clearly out of touch.

Harsh words? Sure, but it's the truth. Maybe you should consider leaving some money in the hands of Ontario business owners and entrepreneurs who can use it to grow our economy instead of taxing it all away.

Premier, you are clearly out of touch. But if you really think you are doing a good job, then prove it and call an election tomorrow. Unfortunately, we both know you won't do that, though, when you are sitting with a 16 per cent approval rating in the polls.

But I promise it would be a very popular decision if you did.


Kevin O'Leary

Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Candidate, Ontario taxpayer and your employer until the next election.

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