02/20/2014 11:21 EST | Updated 04/22/2014 05:59 EDT

Understanding the Difference Between Giving Up and Waking Up

There's the reality we create in our minds and then there's the reality that actually is. The two are not always one and upon realizing that the vision we created only existed in our minds, disappointment sets in and anger at times results from being severely underwhelmed by something you had imagined much grand and great than it turned out to be. Before we take out our emotional boxing gloves let's ponder where the responsibility really lies.

When something or someone doesn't measure up to the designs in our minds, why do we often take out our frustration on them or worse, why do we almost demand that they show up at the level we created versus believing that the capacity at which they have shown up is who they are, at least right now?

Being at times the faithful optimistic, I've been there as well. In my mind, I've become so intoxicated by the vision I've painted and appropriately regarded it at a higher level. I can speak you into being the epitome of excellence, setting the mark for a standard, but while speaking things that are not as thou they already are is a spiritual practice that calls things out, they first must exist at the core in order to heed the call. When the two realities collide I'm at times left speechless, accepting what is and discarding what I thought it to be. Like anything else flaws are present and though masked beautifully, it eventually rises to the surface and reveals the once almost perfect picture to be anything but. To get upset by the revelation is to waste energy fighting against reality instead of accepting what is and choosing whether it fits into my life or not. This is not about faults, as we all have them. This is more about something being packaged to be more than it actually is and the moment of truth. I know. We get pretty stuck on the story and the way the chapters should be written which keeps us from being flexible at times and open to the flow of its own.

On a more personal level I have the gift of seeing a few dots of potential, magnifying them and making the greater person you could become be who I speak with rather than the person standing before me. Potential is dangerous; and trying to build on it solely could become and often is the recipe for disaster. You can't make someone realize their potential if their thoughts are programmed on a lower level as to who they are, I've learned. That's a place they need to and will arrive at on their own and in their own time.

"Giving up" on something, someone or an idea I'll admit has often proved to be a challenge until I realized that it wasn't the abortion of a plan or situation, but rather 'waking up' to boldly face the reality of what's no longer as I painted it to be. At its lesser form we have to answer for ourselves, is this for me? Two of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to use our energy wisely and choosing to live ever so presently in what's being revealed to you. When we opt to not settle we can be assured that our desires and dreams are often what eventually shows up, just not always as we may have written the plan. Plant good seeds when we can, speak life into others and ourselves and remain conscious and present of the ever changing times in the wind. Be assured, life is working out in your favour.