11/09/2012 12:17 EST | Updated 01/09/2013 05:12 EST

Why I Don't Want to Flaunt "It"


I've been wrestling with this trend of adding leggings to every damn outfit. Don't know about that werrd shirt? Add leggings! That'll fix it. Don't know what to wear out tonight? Add shiny leggings -- that's so dressy! Don't know what to wear to your family dinner? Um ... leggings?

I don't love the look of leggings, because I'm not sold on women baring our asses for the viewing pleasure of strangers. To me, leggings make a woman look like she is in the privacy of her own home. I don't particularly like people dressed in underwear as they head to work, either. And that's what leggings look like to me.

I guess the feel of being cozy and at home is why women love them -- "they're so comfy" -- and also why men love them -- "You can totally see that chick's ass ... awesome." And, oh yeah... you can see her labia, too. Awesome?

See, that's the thing with this hyper-sexualized era we live in. Somehow it's become completely normal to dress in what 15 years ago would have been considered the outfit of a street worker. No disrespect to women working the sex trade, but I don't know if we all need to show it all, all the time.

The rise of pop yoga culture and yoga gear as streetwear has certainly contributed to the thinking that skintight everything is the way to go. I don't buy it, but I'm stuck in this era and need to adapt.

I have been told countless times that I should "show it off" more, and that I am "hiding" my body because I favour loose clothing that doesn't showcase every nuance of my figure. But I like the freedom of knowing my figure is not on display.

I like the sense of secrecy I carry around knowing my body has magical curves that are only mine to witness. I feel beautiful knowing my body is my own, and not some stranger's entertainment. I don't like being hit on, although I am told I am supposed to thrive from some stranger's gaze as an indication of how "hawt" I am.

The pressure to flaunt my figure as a rapper and performer and modern woman is HUGE.

So I am trying, not very gracefully, to wear leggings, and enjoy them. My lanky frame looks silly, if you ask me, but I'm trying to embrace the trend.

I'm trying to feel what other women are feeling, and be a part of something current rather than stuck in my love of all things loose and rugged, functional and raw. Linens and wools, denims and silks; these are my dream fabrics and do not a legging make.

But right now, this week, I am gonna rock a super synthetic, ultra stretchy pair of leggings. I'll give it a try. But not without wearing something long enough overtop that my ass -- and labia -- are not some stranger's entertainment.

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