04/12/2015 10:23 EDT | Updated 06/12/2015 05:59 EDT

My Definition of Healthy Includes Feeding My Kids Fast Food


The definition of healthy is more confusing now that its ever been. There are about a million professional (and not so professional) opinions of what's healthy and what's not. The thing is, is there really a right and wrong? If there was, would I even want to do it if it took all the fun out of eating? This, in a way, is an open letter to the health extremists whom my definition of healthy might not be the same as yours, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Healthy to me is balance, moderation and not eliminating food groups. It also means not counting calories, partaking in fad diets, detoxing, or three-day juice fasts. I will never become paleo or a vegan. I'll eat whatever makes me feel good, keeps my sensitive tummy happy, and my body full of energy.

Healthy to me is doing my very best to eat my vegetables, make healthy meals that still taste good, teaching my kids about proper nutrition and getting them hands on in the kitchen. It also means making meals and snacks from scratch when possible, because homemade just tastes better, and I know what's in there.

Healthy to me is wine and chocolate. Milk chocolate. I really want to like dark chocolate because its healthier, but I just like milk chocolate a whole lot more.

Healthy to me is letting my kids have fast food and junk food. Not every day, so I'll use the term "in moderation." I had fast food as a kid and I'm not obese or diabetic and I don't have bad eating habits today.


Healthy to me means occasionally bribing my toddler with a piece of candy so she gets dressed in the morning without an epic tantrum. Maintaining my sanity is a very healthy thing!

Healthy to me is working out five days a week because I like how I feel after, but I also really look forward to the me time.

Healthy to me is the occasional dose of greasy take-out, and ordering off a restaurant menu not worrying about the fat and sodium content.

Healthy to me is buying organic when possible, using stevia and honey over white sugar, incorporating the superfoods where possible, eating bacon and the whole eggs instead of just the whites, and taking a multi-vitamin to cover my potential nutrient deficiencies.

Healthy to me is never eating things I despise, just because they are deemed healthy.

Healthy to me is never apologizing for the choices I make because they aren't in line with your idea of healthy. It doesn't mean I love my family any less because they don't eat 100 per cent organic food, or what you deem as healthy. I was always taught that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. So instead of trying to make me feel bad for not eating perfectly, instead, go eat your broccoli and be sad. I'm not aiming to be perfect in any way, shape or form. I like to call it being normal and balanced.


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