05/09/2013 08:15 EDT | Updated 07/09/2013 05:12 EDT

Understanding Clients and Delivering on Your Promise

Like so many entrepreneurs, Sarah Coronado and four other business partners set out to build their company to deal with a major frustration -- the fact that petite women had a really hard time finding jeans that fit correctly.

At 5'2", Coronado knows too well the challenges of trying to find a pair of denim that fit her waist perfectly and that aren't five inches too long on the leg.

That frustration led to Lotus Premium Denim, which she started in California with four other partners eager to change the jeans buying experience for so many women.

Sarah can only be described as a true entrepreneur because she started her company in November 2007, less than a month after she had gotten married and discovered that she was pregnant with her first child. As if that was enough to deal with, she also discovered that she had lost all of her real estate investments and the majority of my family's personal assets due to the economic crash.

Although she was in shock and temporarily hopeless, she found the inner strength to believe that "everything would turn around for her and her family."

Pregnant and unemployed, Sarah spent most of 2008 reading as much as she could on the market and slowly began to network. Luckily, between 2007 and 2008, the technology landscape was quickly changing, especially in social media and e-commerce. Sarah became obsessed with stories of start-ups, angel investors and their founders.

There was a certain passion behind these founders that resonated deeply with Sarah and she wanted to join that league. Ideas of marrying social media and retail started to fill her head, and on some kind of unexplainable whim, she believed that she could do the same thing as the founders of those start-ups -- she believed she could create a really incredible e-commerce company.

Thanks to her perseverance and desire to succeed, Sarah and her four partners have successfully changed the way women feel about the way they buy jeans. Lotus Premium Denim offers women high quality jeans made from fabrics imported from Italy and some of the most alluring garment accessories on the market. All of the Lotus Premium Denim jeans are made in the international capital of jeans -- Los Angeles!

Sarah could have decided to cut on the price and even the quality by moving her operation to China, but Sarah decided to keep the production in the U.S. to be able to have a better control over things -- she'll drive from San Francisco to the factories in Los Angeles on a regular basis to check-up on production, something she wouldn't be able to do if her production was overseas.

Although Sarah built an Internet company, she's relies on old-school marketing to get the word out about her brand. It's a well-known fact that women share when they find something they like. It's also a well-known fact that women often shop in groups. Those are some of the reasons that explain why Sarah relies on Trunk Shows to sell her jeans and get women to fall in love with the product -- nothing beats a group of women in a dressing room encouraging each other to try on new clothing items. These Trunk Shows have been amazing for Sarah because she's found that women will often leave with the new pair of Lotus Premium Denim jeans and leave the old ones behind. She's also found that once these women started wearing their jeans, other women wanted to know where to buy them and the word of month factor has been key to Sarah's growth.

Another factor that has been quite important in terms of product development is the fact that those Trunk Shows allowed Sarah and her team to collect vital data. As women would try their jeans and look at themselves in the mirror, they'd also engage in a conversation letting Sarah's team know what they really liked and didn't like and what they would change. This kind of insight has allowed Lotus Premium Denim to create products they know clients want!

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