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This Woman Launched a Successful Business in her 50s...and You Can Too!


Ava Bise clearly shows it's never too late to get into business for yourself since she launched YouBar in 2006 with her son Anthony when she was in her mid-50s!

The company creates the yummiest custom-made protein bars on the planet! I know because I've been lucky enough to taste them and to visit her facility in Los Angeles during my last trip to the city of Angels!

When I grow up, I want to be like Ava because she's still snowboarding in her 50s -- actually, Ava learned how to snowboard from her daughter at 44 and has become an accomplished snowboard instructor who conducts half-day "Women's 30+ Beginning Snowboard Clinics" at Mountain High Resort in Southern California. Until recently she also created participatory belly dance performances in addition to teaching belly dancing. Her devotion to athletics is so obvious, and she's been able to share that passion with her son Anthony!

Ava's business story is honestly not very different from so many out there -- she began creating custom protein bars at home to meet her family's taste, health and allergy needs. Ava and her family loved eating their unique bars so much that they thought there would be a huge market for customized protein bars made freshly to customers' own taste and nutritional needs.

Her son Anthony, who had just graduated from business school in 2005 (and has always had an irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit), said to his mom: "Let's launch a custom nutrition bar company," and she replied: "Yes, if we can customize them like the ones we make at home." The rest is history!

Ava Bise's YouBars are favourites of many celebrities and the company has now branched out into more customizable food products.

Along with her son Anthony, YouBar employs Ava's daughter Emily, and her other son Dennis who manages all of her e-commerce initiatives! Ava's husband is also involved in the family business and he takes care of human resources for the company.

What impresses me the most is that Ava redefines what being a female Baby Boomer means -- she's active, fit and she started a business at an age where most think of retirement. She took what others would consider a huge risk... but in true entrepreneurial spirit she fearlessly took a great idea to market!

In this interview Ava Bise explains how YouBar started in her kitchen and how they became favourites of people like Randy Jackson (of American Idol and America's Best Dance Crew), Neil Patrick Harris (of How I Met Your Mother), Cloris Leachman, Jason Priestly and Fergie (of the Black Eyed Peas)!

Interview with YouBars' co-owner Ava Bise, Part 1

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