02/17/2017 12:14 EST | Updated 02/17/2017 12:14 EST

Marathon To Your Dreams Starts With A Cup Of Water, Ends With A Bowl Of Treasure

Sergey Nivens

Pursuing a dream starts out as nothing but a thought. It starts out alone with no one to share it with. Yet you feel inspired by the vision in your head you still may question the journey you are about to embark on. Its a dark road filled with twists and turns, minimal road signs and lots of road blocks. No one takes the first steps with you. Yes you know from past lives and current history that people have walked before you and they seemed to come out ok.

But there is also stories of people walking down that same road and falling short. Which represents the constant battle of self doubt and inspiration. But once you get over the hump and begin the journey you start to notice something interesting. You start to notice the small group of bi standards on the side lines taking notice to you. Your friends and colleagues start to question things. How is the journey coming along? What new projects are lined up? You start to notice that your marathon is bringing entertainment and curiosity to people. Which in turn motivates you to keep going down this path and to accept the motivational cup of water they are handing out.

Now coming around the corner is an uphill battle. Scary slopes and intimidating hills. You realize two things. One is that no bi standards are watching this part of the race and two, You realize you are about to experience something completely new. You either get out of your comfort zone and excel past this, or you retreat to safety and pull over to the side. Once again the battle of self doubt and finding the inspiration. Sure enough you take a deep breath, dig deep and continue the run.

This time something very interesting happens. You come out from the slopes a new person with gained knowledge and confidence and on top of that there is a treasure on the other side. It's a bigger crowd of bi standards waiting for you. This time the crowd is full of applause and appreciation for the challenge you just over came and the journey you are on. You hear them cheering louder and with greater smiles. You than realize this journey that started out as a thought, all alone, has grown to something much larger. It has effected the people around you and brought both inspiration and light to their lives.

You realized at that moment none of the lives you have inspired would have been impacted if you hadn't traveled down this path. Now suddenly in this brief moment you realize this is much larger than you now and the greater impact of pursuing your dreams is greater than you ever could have prepped for. Because sometimes people need more than past stories. Sometimes they need present examples. To give them that added boost that they too can live their dreams.

Looking back at my journey of chasing a dream I have discovered more treasure than challenge. I have seen the hope it's brought to people around me. Smiles and excitement its given people. Inspiration and helpful solutions to guide them out of their dark times. Its introduced me to a variety of people all across the Country that I would have never met or had the honour to learn from. Its allowed me to experience the freedom you gain from living your dreams and in turn sharing my gathered knowledge with others. In my opinion pursuing your dream is the most beautiful gift you could give to this world because of the positive impact it makes on it. I wouldn't change that for the world and would only ever continue to tell people to achieve there's.

Now of course around every corner is an even scarier slope than the one before and with even bigger hills, bigger stones to turn. But each time you face the challenge you see the result in the end is a bigger pay off than the struggle. And each time your hearts full of even more determination and wonder. Wonder of the amount of lives you will effect this time. Wonder of the amount of life experience you'll gain from this slope and of course the amount of treasure that may lie on the other side.

So today for you, if your dreams are just a thought, and you're battling with the self doubt and inspiration, I know the road ahead looks terrifying and dark. All I can say is this, just know that once you take the first step down that path, you will see me standing as one of the bi standards on the side watching, ready to hand out the cup of motivation. Excited and looking forward to standing on the other side of the slope handing you the bowl of treasure..