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Santa's Top 5 Naughty B.C. Liberals

Children everywhere are writing to Santa, hoping that they haven't made the naughty list. Turns out that it's not only children who should be worried this year. I received a tip recently from a source in the North Pole and Santa is more than a little upset with the B.C. Liberals. I was happy to help him assemble the top 5 naughty list in B.C. politics.


The holiday season is here and children everywhere are writing to Santa, hoping that they haven't made the naughty list. It turns out that it's not only children who should be worried this year! I received a tip recently from a source in the North Pole and Santa is more than a little upset with the B.C. Liberals.

In fact he said — and I quote: "Why can't they seem to get it right when it comes to all the most vulnerable children?"

Shameful truth be told, my source indicates that Santa has received more letters from children living in poverty in B.C. over the last nine years than anywhere else in Canada — and he's not too happy about that.

My source indicated Santa's been taking a good hard look at who's been particularly naughty this year and has already ordered a rail car full of B.C. coal. He still needed some help to decide who are the worst offenders when it comes to politics in B.C. and I was more than happy to assist.

The Top 5 Naughty List in B.C. Politics

5) Richard Butler - the lawyer representing the province in the Basi- Virk indemnity case who just filed a new affidavit that details how the earlier affidavit he filed was false.

Despite being a lawyer for many years and knowing full well the penalty for perjury in the court, he now admits he "mis-stated" his original affidavit, claiming a faulty memory when it came to declaring if our government actually had detailed billing when it came to Basi and Virks lawyers... all very crucial information about the plea deal given to the two men which many believe was in exchange for their silence.

When a lawyer "forgets" and files false statements on behalf of the government that has been stonewalling their own auditor general who just wants the truth , that's huge. Naughty naughty naughty. Not just coal for his stocking, but some Ginkgo biloba in 1000 mg tablets to help with his memory.

4) Bill Bennett

To be brutally honest,I seriously thought Wild Bill must have fallen off of his quad and was suffering a head injury after I heard him accusing NDP MLA Jagrup Brar of being infatuated with Communist Cuba! Seriously, one of the craziest statements ever made by any politician, but even more so for a "top lieutenant" in Christy Clark's election readiness team. Bill later had a sock stuffed in his mouth and was sent back out to the mountains, where his mouth couldn't do any more harm.

3) Colin Hansen

The man instrumental in the mess behind the HST debacle — for that alone he'll be getting a truckload of coal — has jumped from the frying pan, into the fire.

After announcing he wouldn't be running for MLA again, he announced he would however, take on the role of deputy campaign manager for the BC Liberals in the 2013 election. Seriously? Seriously? You want to actually help this bunch of bungling, unethical politicians get re-elected? Oh, Colin, Santa isn't going to like that, but maybe he'll bring you a pair of hip-waders for all the crap you'll be wading through next year.

2) Rich Coleman

It's really getting predictable that when the shit hits the fan, you can usually find Rich Coleman getting his raincoat on. Where do I begin? How about with one of his biggest backers, Patrick Kinsella, whose name seems to go hand in hand with backroom deals for the B.C. Liberals?

Coleman been very naughty this year, recently in the news for some downright unethical deals and donations between a B.C. brewer and his office, that resulted in some tax policy changes that.. surprise surprise.. would benefit the brewer to the tune of millions.

Story breaks, words get tossed around like "special prosecutor" and of course it was all "just a misunderstanding." Sure. Just like bullying a potential candidate for his party into signing a letter he didn't want to sign.

1) Christy Clark

Without a doubt, Clark takes the number one spot on my naughty list, and it sure doesn't have anything to do with her dubious appearance on the National Post's Vixens in Vancouver list. Thanks to Ian Reid for that one. Stay tuned for a new pilot on Fox next year: "Premier on the Prowl." Grrrowwl!

Unfortunately, the still unelected premier has made a mockery of democracy by refusing to call an election early and get a mandate from the voters — something she promised while campaigning for the Liberal leadership.

Follow that with an endless stream of artificial photo-ops, bad press and poor decisions, and you have one big reason female voters don't like her. Whether it's claiming false job creation numbers, or claiming tough times and tightened belts, then spending $15 million on ads, everything she says is contrived gibberish.

She has government workers on an attack site on the public dime, gone on a spending spree on the public dime, and gone through staff like some people go through tissues.

I think the people of B.C. would agree: Santa, instead of that good old B.C. coal, how about sending her one nicely wrapped reality check?

Happy Holidays, and I'd love to see your political choices for Santa's naughty list!

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