10/05/2012 06:05 EDT | Updated 11/30/2012 05:12 EST

Calgarian chosen to head Abu Dhabi Business Centre

Marco Adbi, the affable Calgary Restaurantuer has been facilitating business between Canadian companies and the United Arab Emirates royal family for 30 years and is now heading an exciting business centre in Abu Dhabi to make it easier for Canadians to do business in the fastest growing economy in the world. It is the first of it's kind for Canadian business interests and one Canadians should keep an eye on.

The timing couldn't be better with ADIPEC 2012, The UAE Oil and Gas show and conference coming up November 11th - 14th in Abu Dhabi. Marco's close family connection with the Royal family is an advantage to Canadian businesses who get in touch with him at Abdi International. Visa's, Royal Family Support, Oil and Gas advisers, and full office amenities are available in this new business centre.

"In the UAE it's not who you know or what you do that is important, it's what is your character" says Abdi. "Once you dip your toes in the water, you'll be swimming in no time." he added. As this is written a company is in the works based in Calgary, to explore the vast resources that Abu Dhabi has to offer. More than Dubai, Abu Dhabi is now the fastest growing economy in the Middle East. The famous architecture that dots Dubai is now being dwarfed by the expanse of the UAE's new crown jewel. "Abu Dhabi is the place to be now, that's where the action is!" Marco exclaims.

The ADIPEC conference is held in Abu Dhabi, credited with the 6th largest Oil Reserves in the world. Much of those resources are still left untapped and so many opportunities for many businesses to grow at extremely quick rates. The "boom" in the UAE is ongoing and resembles the "boom's" we have experienced here in Alberta, with no end in sight. With 1500 exhibitors and 45,000 attendees ADIPEC the single largest exhibition in the middle east.

The opportunities are vast and many from Oil and Gas companies and investors to Environmental Companies and Governments. Abdi has brought over many Oil and Gas executives over in the past, but the business centre opens up new and exciting opportunities for other service based business as well. All one needs to get started is open minded thinking or as Abdi states "Think outside the box." There are more opportunities than ideas and people to follow through with them. "We all know what can come of an explosive Oil and Gas economy." he adds. Marco knows his knowledge of the local Oil and Gas producers in Calgary positions him perfectly to be successful in these ventures. 30 years of experience in the UAE makes it comfortable.

We all know that being successful in business is a team effort and support is a huge part of a great opportunity. With the support of Marco and the Royal family, the team is in place to help Canadians thrive. If these 2 new ventures are any indication, the future is bright between the UAE and Canada and if Marco has his way, we may be calling it Abdi Dhabi!