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Choosing The Right Bathing Suit For Your Body (PHOTOS)


Bathing suit shopping has got to be one of the most hated shopping experiences for women. It is for me, that's for sure! Why is it that the mirrors always show every dimple, flaw, or imperfection?

Usually, when you are shopping for a bathing suit, you are about to go on a trip, meaning your skin hasn't been exposed to sunshine and lacks a glowing tan. These factors make finding a suitable bathing suit difficult. Instantly, your insecurities step in and make you focus on all the wrong things. It's important, when shopping for a bathing suit, to focus on finding a suit that looks good on you now; not with a tan, not after you hit the gym hard core for the next couple weeks, or after you go on an extreme diet.

With that said, bathing suit shopping doesn't need to scare you, seem like a chore, or make you feel bad about yourself. Here are some key points to keep in mind when searching for the perfect bathing suit:

Key Point 1:

Know your body and how to dress it.

Not sure about this? Well, think about the clothes in your wardrobe, what fits well, what doesn't, and apply the same thinking to choosing the right bathing suit. It seems simple, but I know that this can be a challenge for most. Take a deep breath and break it down. Think, "Do I have a large chest or a small chest? Is my stomach tight and slim or does it protrude? Is my bottom large or small? Do I have long legs or short ones?" The list can go on and on, but in simplest terms, think about what areas of your body you want to accentuate and focus on finding a bathing suit that will draw attention to that area versus focusing on areas you wish to hide.

Key Point 2:

Go to bathing suit shops that carry quality suits.

Quality clothing (the same goes for bathing suits) always make you look better than cheap, inexpensive clothing.

If you are large-chested, you want to focus on fit and support. Bathing suits to avoid would be bandeau style, or ones with thin straps and no underwire.

If you are small-chested, you can get away with gathering at the chest, strapless styles (not bandeau as this will just flatten you), and less support. The girls can usually fend for themselves.

If you have a long waist (torso), one-piece bathing suits are your nemesis. If you are looking for more coverage, opt for a tankini instead.

If your bottom half is larger than your top half, opt for a bathing suit that draws the eye up, and choose a solid bottom.

For all over slimming, go for a monocromatic look instead of patterns. Solid styles will always be the most slimming.

Key Point 3:

Shop at bathing suit stores that have trained staff.

As mentioned before, shopping for a bathing suit is difficult, so go to stores that have staff that can suggest suits for your body, shape and style. They know the inventory, they have probably seen a person with your shape before, and can suggest suits that will work. Yes, the bathing suits might be more expensive, but if you look good and feel good in it, isn't it worth it? Having one or two quality bathing suits is better than having a bunch of suits that don't fit well and make you feel self-conscious.


1. Creates Shape

2. Minimizes the Chest

3. Accentuates the Chest

4. Tummy Tamer

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