03/14/2012 12:15 EDT | Updated 05/14/2012 05:12 EDT

Pick the Best Sunglasses for Your Style


With the sunshine and beautiful weather finally upon us, it's about that time for you to purchase an "it" pair of sunglasses for 2012.

Sunglasses really are a reflection of your personal style. They sit right on your face for the world to see. With so many options, colours, shapes, styles, and textures available today, you can realistically match a pair of sunglasses to every outfit you wear. Yes, I know that can get expensive, but you don't just have to buy designer; you could get runway-inspired looks at vintage shops in your city, local markets, or stores like Forever 21, American Eagle, Aldo Accessories, etc.

Step 1: Is your face curved or angular?

When picking out sunglasses, consider the shape of your face and look for sunglasses that are in line with that shape. To determine the shape of your face, you need to lift your hair from your hairline and check to see if the outline of your face is more curved or more straight. Women tend to have more curved facial shapes. Some faces can be both curved and angular.

Step 2: What is your face shape?

After determining if you face is more curved or angular, you need to remember back to daycare or kindergarten and pick a shape that best represents your face (oval, circle, square, etc.).

Step 3: Mimic the shape of your face with the frame of the glasses

To keep it simple, when choosing eyewear (sunglasses or glasses) you want to mimic the shape of your face with the glasses. For example, if you have an oval face shape, you want to choose oval frames, or if you have a teardrop or spade face shape, you want to choose aviator-style glasses. Make sense?

Step 4: What story do you want your sunglasses to tell?

Another tip for when choosing sunglasses is to consider what statement you are trying to make with the glasses. Do you want to mimic a celebrity trying to hide from the paparazzi? If so, go for big, black, and look to cover your entire face. Do you want your sunglasses to harmonize with your overall look? If so, look for sunglasses that blend into your overall look and contribute to an outfit instead of the sunglasses being the outfit. Or don't even think of the purpose of the glasses or the shape of your face -- purchase what you like and wear them with confidence. If you wear anything with confidence, you are going to make it look good!

Step 5: Bring a friend along shopping

When trying on sunglasses, it's often an good idea to bring a friend along -- someone who will be honest. But always remember to listen to that little voice in your head or your gut instinct -- only you know how much or how little you like something. Sunglasses can be expensive; take time to pick the right pair!

Step 6: Consider trends

Here are a few shapes that are top for spring or summer 2012; the cat eye, horn-rimmed, oversized heart shapes, aviators, round minimilist, and shield sunglasses. Remember that sunglasses are meant to be a fun accessory, so don't take yourself too seriously and put pressure on finding the perfect pair. Also, I would buy an expensive classic style to have for every occasion, but have a bunch of inexpensive sunglasses in your mix to switch things up a bit depending on the occasion or your outfit.

Cat Eye: Urban Outfitters Damsel Cat Eye Sunglasses, $14.00

Horn-rimmed: Zappos, Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster, $145.00

Oversized, Heart-Shaped Glasses: Bloomingdales, Marc by Marc Jacobs, $98.00

Aviators: Ray-Ban Outdoorsman II Sunglasses, $160.00

Round Minimilist: House of Harlow 1960 Sunglasses Willow, $145.00

Shield: Tory Burch Foldable Shield Sunglasses, $175.00