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In Defence Of My Summertime Uniform

I've got a bit of an issue. Well, I'm not sure it's an issue, but my sister is adamant it is. I love, you could even say am obsessed with, Lululemon skirts.
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I've got a bit of an issue. Well, I'm not sure it's an issue, but my sister is adamant it is. I love, you could even say am obsessed with, Lululemon skirts.

Over the weekend I popped over to my sister's house in one of my most favourites -- my pink and white one. She came downstairs, looked at me and said "I fucking knew you were going to have that on. It's go time again, is it? Pull out the Lulu skirts". I didn't really appreciate her attitude. Yes I love my skirts. Yes, I have decided they are appropriate for everyday wear.

She thinks differently. She had the audacity to ask me this question: "What's the difference between wearing yoga pants every day in the winter and wearing that skort every day in the summer?"

She's trying to make me out to be a hypocrite. I do believe wearing yoga pants every day is a slippery slope and should be avoided. So what is the difference with my running skirts? Well, for starters, I've always wanted to play tennis, these skirts are my daily reminder of that goal. Whenever I look down, I say to myself "hey, remember tennis." Two, I can wear my granny-panties and know one can see the lines. I don't have my baby sister in my ear saying "nice double bum d**khead." Thirdly, and most importantly, I can actively tone my ass unbeknownst to everyone else.

I think these are compelling reasons, I feel that, perhaps it's time I just come right out and say I would appreciate wearing a uniform. It would take the stress out of getting ready in the morning, not to mention save me valuable time. I understand in an office scenario it's a tad too casual, however, I think it's the ultimate weekend outfit. I can run and play with my kids. I can also lounge and feel comfortable in it. What's so wrong with that?

On the subject of uniforms, I wish my kids wore one; it would streamline my mornings. All too often I am downstairs rifling through a laundry basket trying to find a certain item of clothing for them. I suppose I could put my foot down and tell them that if it's not upstairs then it is not an option. Not a bad idea, but when you're a jellyfish parent like me, you end up disappointing yourself and doing things you said you'd never do.

Like wearing the same skirt every day, and finding things for your kids who could easily do it for themselves. Some days I'm flat-out impressed that I get dressed at all. That's the real victory and why should I let my nit-picking sister get me down about my ensemble? After all, I really dig it.

In an effort to sell her on the merits of my go-to look, I have found a more "classy" version of this skirt. I'm going to pick one up and show her how versatile this item really is.

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