04/30/2014 05:19 EDT | Updated 06/30/2014 05:59 EDT

A Technique to Help Expectant Mothers Meditate

My clients share many of life's events with me, but I'm never more excited than when they share the pending birth of a child. It's an exciting nine months for the parents as we embark on a spiritual journey to keep mommy calm and daddy focused. I always suggest meditating at the onset of the news to help the happy couple (or the family, as the case may be) avoid the emotional challenges that may come their way.

Recently, one of my expectant moms told me that she could not meditate because she was so emotionally agitated by her own energy that she couldn't sit still. Given that she was eight months pregnant, I felt the best technique was one that was available to her 24-7: the baby inside of her. They are both sending energy and sharing vibration. Meditation is a perfect tool for creating a calm, stress-free bond between mother and child. Here are some guidelines for expectant mothers:

• Make an appointment with yourself to carve out at least 20 minutes, twice a day that is your special alone time. Make sure you are not disturbed, even if you have to put a sign on the door.

• Light a candle and announce your intention to meditate with your baby and then sit in a comfortable chair and take several slow, deep breaths.

• Close your eyes and tune in to your baby and feel the baby's presence through the cadence of his/her vibration.

• Once you establish a steady rhythm for yourself, put your hands on your stomach and gently move them around. Stay focused on the feel of the rise and fall of energy as the baby awakens to your touch. *

*A variation on this is to use a stethoscope or a microphone to listen to the baby's heartbeat and breathing. However, just using your hands will establish that same strong connection.

My clients have reported back to me that this technique clears their head and leaves them feeling peaceful and grounded. This method should prove invaluable as the mother comes closer to delivery because it will prepare her for the big event and work in tandem with other techniques her doctor recommends.