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What's In My Travel Bag

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In a couple short days, we are headed for the sun to Hawaii for the holidays to visit my sister and her family. My parents will be there too and I am SO excited for some R&R, good family time, and of course, sunshine! I know the holidays are a busy time for a lot of you, and often mean jetting off.

Whether by car, plane or maybe even train, traveling can be a surefire way to get off the wagon with your regular healthy routine. From disrupted sleep to airport and airplane food, gas station stops and constantly being on the go, it's easy to get caught up in grabbing whatever's most convenient.

Unfortunately this doesn't always leave you feeling so hot. Packing your bag with a few key items can make all the difference for keeping you energized and making sure you arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to go!

Start your trip off right by packing smart. These are a few of my all time favorite go-tos:

1. Dried Fruit & Nuts: I like to pack a few healthy snack options like dried fruit or nuts. The combo of the protein and healthy fats + a little whole food sugar boost will help maintain blood sugar levels and curb your hunger.

2. Individual matcha or coffee packs: I am all about maximizing my time on vacation and that can sometimes mean taking a red eye flight. It's never fun to arrive to your destination feeling tired and run down. Having individual coffee or matcha pouches (like these Matcha Ninja stick packs) on-hand, have saved me time and time again.

3. Fresh fruit: There are so many benefits to adding fresh fruit into your diet. If you're not flying over the border, packing a few pieces of fresh fruit will prevent your blood sugar levels from dropping and help maintain your mood and energy. Fruit like bananas, apples and oranges are great because they don't require a ton of prep work and won't squish or bruise too easily like some other fruit.

4. Comfy clothes: This may seem like a no brainer but I love to travel in comfy clothes. You can still be comfy without sacrificing style. One of my go-to travel outfits is a cotton maxi dress and sweater. With a spare pair of wool socks and a big scarf (that can double as a blanket) stashed away in my purse, I stay nice and cozy even when that airplane air conditioning gets turned on full blast.

5. A re-usable water bottle: It's really easy to get dehydrated while traveling. Dehydration can alter your mood, energy levels and overall digestive health. I can't go anywhere without my S'well bottle in tow. Not only is it good for the environment, it's light-weight and can hold up to 25 oz of cold OR hot water (that's 4 times the size of an airline cup)! Just remember to empty it before you go through security and then top it up on the other side!

6. Energy balls or whole food bars: I keep a not-so-secret stash of energy balls in my car and purse to help me out if I'm ever in a food bind. When I don't have those prepped, whole food bars with simple ingredients are a good go to as well! Look for bars or recipes with ingredients like nuts, fruit, oats or other whole grains (like these Lemon Coconut Energy Balls) to ensure you stay satisfied and energized throughout your trip.

7. Good book: This is a must have for me! Not only do I love getting lost in a good book when I'm laying on the beach, reading is also a great and entertaining way to help pass time if you get delayed anywhere along the way.

8. Music: Good music and travel go together like peanut butter and jelly. Plus it doesn't hurt that your tunes can help block out the snoring coming from 16C 😉

9. Ear plugs and eye mask: It's not always easy to fall asleep in a plane, car or hotel room. That's when I pull out my ear plugs and eye mask for some extra help getting those zzz's.

10. Arrive Revived: In case you weren't able to get any shut eye on the plane, this is a life saver! If you're prone to jet lag or just need a little extra boost, this Saje remedy will do the trick!

Happy Travels!

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