06/22/2013 02:17 EDT | Updated 08/21/2013 05:12 EDT

How to Recharge With Your Family This Summer

Ah, summer has arrived and we get to experience blossoming flowers, sunny skies, and the hot hot heat, so go on and plan a day (or 10) of uninterrupted family time fun! Play, picnic or just hang out and enjoy the summer sun together and when you enter your "home sweet home," don't let the day end before a good eco-healthy recharge!

After a day sweating in the sun (or playing in the shade), whether you feel it or not, you need to stay hydrated. Although water is an excellent hydrator (tote along everywhere in your sleek and stainless Klean Kanteen), I love the boost that coconut water gives me, and I watch my kids eyes brighten as they gulp it back. Not only do kids love the refreshing taste, but it's nature's best electrolyte and has more potassium than a banana, low acidity and no fat (oh, and it's not neon blue or red like those so-called "sports drinks").

Another great family summertime hydrator is your classic iced tea -- but skip the powdered packages and mix your own! Organic, loose leaf Rooibos from David's Tea is a staple in our home -- it's bursting with antioxidants and there is absolutely no caffeine or sugar (if you add in some sweet summer berries or honey your kids will taste the perfect sweetness). Make sure you avoid all plastic and opt for real glass glasses -- and don't forget about the straws, too! Sipping from plastic is anything but healthy. You won't need any help getting your kids to gulp back any beverage when you serve them a Strawesome Glass Straw. Yep, glass straws for kids. Lifetime guaranteed and so much fun, they'll ask for more (no matter what you serve them).

Indulge your family with refreshing, delicious summertime favourites (that you won't find in the back of an ice cream truck...yuck!). Making your own popsicles will save you time, save you money, and save your health. Why lick up high fructose corn syrup, artificially flavoured ick on a stick when you can pour your own goodness into a popsicle mold? This is a great time to get creative with your kids and grab ingredients from your fridge or search the web to find a recipe that interests you.

As for ice cream, we all scream for it. Try Luna and Larry's Coconut Bliss. I promise, this is not an "alternative" to regular ice cream, it tastes as good (or in my opinion, way, way, way better) than any frozen dessert in a tub.

Be prepared to heal any bites, sores, rashes, skin irritations, or burns (because you never know what a day outdoors can bring on!). Thera Wise skin care line has incredible plant-based formula ointments that can treat much of anything (shhh -- we used the diaper rash cream on bites and burns and it was amazing!). Make sure that the product you choose to use is safe -- check out Environmental Defence's Toxic Ten and avoid the plague!

Get outside and enjoy the summer with your family -- it's great for your body, your mind and making great memories. But remember, it's equally as important to recharge and take care of yourself -- put good into your body, so you can get a lot of good out of it.