11/13/2012 05:18 EST | Updated 01/13/2013 05:12 EST

How Justin Bieber Keeps This Girl Alive


My daughters are six and two. They are bright and shining and healthy -- set to become anything they want in life. Tanisha, at 14, is bright and shining, too, but she is not healthy. Born a quadriplegic, and non-verbal, she is a ward of the Crown, her existence spent in the pediatric ward of Windsor Regional Hospital where she can get the intense care she requires 24/7. She cannot live out her dreams, as my girls can, but hopefully, her biggest dream, Justin Bieber, will come to her.

Tanisha is an avid Bieber fan -- seeing him in print, hearing his music, and watching his videos are the things that make this girl come to life, like nothing else can. She smiles radiantly, and is exuberantly gleeful at the sound of his voice on the screen, the sight of him on TV, or in videos.

And now, Justin Bieber is coming to Auburn Hills, just outside of Detroit, for a concert November 21. My oldest daughter and I will be there and hopefully, before it happens or right afterward, Justin will be at Tanisha's bedside for a personal visit with his number one Belieber.

Tanisha goes to sleep to the sound of his music; it is the only thing that can calm her after a rough day. Her room is a living homage to her hero. I pray Justin Bieber steps up and proves himself a real hero by giving her a memory she has no idea could happen.

Right now, Tanisha sleeps with a life-sized, cardboard cut out of her idol right next to her bedside, watching over her. Imagine her astonishment, her immense joy, if she could see the real deal beside her, if only for a moment.

Tanisha has had a number of near death experiences. Her health deteriorates, even as I write. I wonder how much more "fight" she would rally inside herself after a personal glimpse of the young man who, even now, gives her so much strrength.

Justin, do the right thing. Please. Come see Tanisha.

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