08/30/2014 03:02 EDT | Updated 10/30/2014 05:59 EDT

Dear Parents, Teachers Are Anxious About the End of Summer Too

Dear Parents,

The heady last days of summer are already upon us. And the eternal question begs to be asked: where did the time go? School supplies have been purchased and tucked away, 'first-day-back' clothes folded and lain neatly out on dressers in anticipation of the big day. Lunchbox items stocked up in the pantry. New sneakers, new lunch bags, new backpacks, new schedules. Newness. Everything just seems original and fresh when school arrives again in the fall. And while all this freshness and novelty can seem exciting at times, I am sure that the newly acquired jitters and fidgety butterflies which already are surfacing in both little and big tummies can also be an unwelcome addition to the arrival of fall.

Believe me when I tell you: teachers have these jitter-bugs too.

With all those little anxieties and worries at the forefront, we teachers want you to know, Moms: we are going to do our best to watch over your precious children while they are in our care. We've got your back, Dads. Your child is in good hands. We will be there for your children this year -- you have our word. Because while these little and bigger people we have been entrusted with are in our classes, they are our kids. They are our brood, our community. And we will be there to help them find their way, learn the ropes, discover new and exciting things as well as be there to watch them develop and grow.

Your child is already important to us.

Let me for one assure you that as teachers, we will strive to make this time spent at school worthwhile. For I believe these little bodies and souls are full of possibility. Full of potential. And I want you to know that I see this- I know this to be true within my heart. I know that your child is a capable, gifted, clever little person with a unique personality, mind and body. Your child is special. I want you to know that I will recognize this in your child- it will be my mission. And I will work on your behalf so that your son or daughter never forgets what you have taught them from the very start: how precious and valued they truly are.

Our role in their life as teachers this year will in no way undermine your most important role as their first and most influential teacher. I have said before and I will say it again:

You are the very best teacher your child can come to know. You have taught your child well -- taught them about life and love and joy and sorrow. Taught them to be honest and kind. Taught them to be thoughtful and generous. Taught them to care for others. You have taught them well. And my hope as a teacher is that your life continues to be the living textbook that your child reads the most avidly. May it be among the most inspiring books they ever open!

As an educator, I view the children in my class- indeed, in my school, as if they were my very own. You see, your child is my child while under my watch. And I take that responsibility seriously- much the same as I do raising my own four children. There is a trust in passing one's child over to another adult- a trust based on mutual understanding. The understanding is this: you give me your most precious treasure to look after all day long, and I will care for your treasure while they are in my care.

So you see, we teachers will be there for your children.

Will be there for our children.

When you place your precious loved one on the bus in the morning or drop them off at our classroom doors, we want you to know, parents: we do not take this responsibility we've been given lightly. And might I add, when those dear ones are returned to you again, when those precious children arrive home at the end of the day, we won't stop caring. They are still in our hearts. They are still on our minds. They are important to us. And they will always have a place in our hearts. Never forget: we care for your child and we will work tirelessly to do so this year in the very best ways we know how.









Parents, thank you for trusting us with this responsibility; it is our honour and privilege to be your child's teacher this year. May it be for us all a year of wonder, nurture and discovery.


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