06/19/2012 02:41 EDT | Updated 08/19/2012 05:12 EDT

Jermaine Jackson on His Brother Michael and First Tour in 30 Years

The Jackson brothers are coming back to stage, with a series of summer shows starting June 20, 2012 at Casino Rama in Canada. It was enough reason to sit down for a phone interview with Jermaine Jackson. During the conversation, I felt that he was a little tired but very excited about upcoming events. This will be their first collective performance after the tragic loss of their brother, legendary King of Pop Michael Jackson, and first reunion tour after nearly 30 years. The last time it was a Victory tour.

What is the inspiration for doing a tour? Are you celebrating forty years of the Jackson 5?

No, it's pretty much just playing the music, keeping the legacy alive, and it is part healing too, because we felt it was time just to go out there and get things going.

Have you finished with the rehearsals?

Yes, we finished with the rehearsals. The equipment is ready, and we are ready for things to get going.

How do you feel now? Are you in good physical fitness?

Oh yes, because I don't drink, don't smoke, and have never done a drug. I've been practicing yoga every other day for the last two or three years, so I'm ready.

Will you perform new music on tour?

No. We're going to do the music that we have been known for for the last forty years.

Have you finished the new album?

No, we have a lot of great music. We are excited about it, but we have only started.

Will you have some special guests on the scene?

No, it just us.

Michael has planned the reunion with you after the "This Is it" tour?

Yes, the plan was to do some shows with the brothers as well, after he finished his commitment with the "This Is It," and we probably gonna do some songs with him on the "This Is It" tour.

And that concert was planned for 2010, right?


Will you perform with some of the Michael's songs?

Yes, yes we will. I can't say yet [which ones]. We want it to be a surprise.

Who will sing lead vocals?

We will sing the lead vocals. Remember I was a lead singer in the Jackson 5. Michael and I sang all the hits in the Jackson 5, and his music is not a problem at all.

In one interview your brother Jackie said that you may use Michael's hologram for the tour. Is it true?

No, that's not true. It was just a question that someone asked me and Jackie said that people are going to ask us that. We have to be clear: There is no hologram what so ever.

What are your favourite songs from the Jackson 5?

"Never Can Say Goodbye" and "Looking Through The Window."

This tour has been described as a "final reunion." Is it true?

No, we won't say our last. We are just gonna go there and perform. If we want to do it again we will do it again. If we don't want to do it for that moment we won't do it. But we won't say that this is the last.

After your book You are not Alone: Through A brothers Eyes, do you have some other projects that will celebrate Michael's legacy?

No, we are just going to continue to play the music and to perform the music. That will keep the legacy alive and is also healing for us at the same time.