08/26/2012 11:27 EDT | Updated 10/26/2012 05:12 EDT

Adoft-a-HuffPet: Father, Son And Two Brothers Seek New Families


Huffington Post Canada is pleased to announce, in conjunction with the organization C4P Animal Rescue, Adopt-a-HuffPet. Each week we feature adoptable rescue pets eager to find a loving home. Pets will be chosen from shelters across the country. If you wish to find out more about available rescue pets in your area, please visit C4P Animal Rescue.

Here are two wonderful pairs of dogs that are in a rural Ontario shelter and as a result, not having much luck meeting their new families.

Mork & Teddy are a lovely German-Shepherd-Rottweiler, father-and-son team. Mork is eight years old, and Teddy is seven. They have spent their lives together, as Mork is Teddy's dad! They are mellow dogs that actually ran away from a boisterous female pup. They are good, gentle giants on leash -- a little shy at first but they warm up quickly and will follow their trusted humans with great curiosity. They are kindly referred to as the "shelter sheep". Mork and Teddy need a secure enclosure if left unsupervised and take great comfort in being together.

Riff & Raff are nine-year-old, Black-Lab-Rottweiler brothers who love to sing along to jazz music! They must be adopted together as they have always lived with each other. Riff & Raff are lovable, loyal, sweet, and are friendly with people, as well as other dogs and cats. They enjoy lying in the sun or playing but at the end of the day they want nothing more than to sit at your feet and relax. These brothers are the sweetest boys you could ever meet.

They will give a charming performance if they hear a train, wind instruments, or especially jazz music. Riff and Raff need a fenced yard and someone who is home much of the time. A dog-proof space indoors when people aren't home is also important as they can chew on things when not monitored. They need some training around this, as it is a new behaviour that has developed with the loss of their previous family.

These beautiful boys are located at Lanark Animal Welfare Society. You can reach us by telephone at: 613-283-9308.