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Business Helps Moms Combat Reduced Income In Maternity Leave

If the thought of owning a small business while on maternity crossed your mind, we recommend you apply our tips for success.

According to a Statistics Canada report, in 2015 "The average duration of a women's maternity or parental leave combined was 15.2 months or 1.3 years. The comparable figure for men was 3.7 months." That leaves women with a reduction of 40 per cent of their income compared to their male counterparts in a time of our life when we need financial support the most.

Did you know that freelancers make up 35 per cent of the workforce in the United States? It is one of the best ways to continue earning an income through an online business or a small business while at home.

If the thought of owning a small business while on maternity crossed your mind, we recommend you apply our tips for success.

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Freelance Business

As a professional writer for three years, one of the benefits of freelancing while working a full-time job was the additional income I received. Imagine the power of income when you are on mat leave working from home at your hours. You deserve to follow a passion that keeps you satisfied as you raise your children. After freelancing during your leave, you might feel the urge not to go back to work and serve customers with the flexibility of being an at-home mother.

The freelance industry has an abundance of opportunities in consulting, graphic design, writing, healthcare and human resources recruiting. The key to success is using the power of digital marketing and leveraging freelance platforms like Upwork or Guru to find clients.

Vending Machine Business

As you stay at home, investing in a vending machine business can be convenient because hiring employees to service it is unnecessary. You can attain a new or used machine from a local vendor or online. One of the responsibilities is to visit the machine to restock it with toys, food or beverages.

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Home Day Care Business

If you enjoy taking care of your children, you can start a home daycare. One of the benefits of a stay at home daycare is you can set your business hours. You can complete your own invoicing with accounting software. At the door, you can add a baby gate, find child-size furniture with toys and comfortable chairs. Remember to add costumes and puppets in a play area. Toddlers have an appreciation for pull toys and books in a quiet area can improve education.

Data Entry Position

Did you know Data Entry clerks earn $30,968 annually? Imagine this income combined with your maternity leave pay from your full-time job. Most companies provide work from home positions with flexible hours that can range from 20 to 45 hours per week. You can take advantage of establishing yourself as an independent contractor to take advantage of business incentives.

Video Blogger

You might be one of the most popular mom bloggers in your neighborhood. If many people you know depend on you for advice on how to cook, raise children or makeup tips, you can create an online following. On social media, you might currently have a few hundred people on your friend's list. Start filming your advice on YouTube and post the video on your social profiles. It can be the beginning of a successful business to showcase your skills and market your products and services.

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Travel Agency

All you need is a computer and Wi-Fi. Help your family and friends book a hotel reservation, a family trip for spring break, a flight ticket or cab services from the airport. It can be a creative way to network with your circle and stay updated with a colleague during your maternity leave.

It is a new time in society for women which is one of the reasons why some are turning to entrepreneurship to provide for their family. Motherhood is a full-time job, but it doesn't mean your income has to suffer.

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The last thing some woman think about after a maternity leave is a new means of earning an income to avoid losing money from the monthly household income. A benefit to starting a part-time business for the next nine months is it can potentially turn into a full-time business if you realize your real passion is to work from home. A company such as the vending machine venture can continue after you return to work.

Be creative and take the time to relax to gain personal time for yourself if you can. Take breaks and real-life fitness tips to stay healthy.

The diverse variety of options for work from home opportunities can inspire your children one day to pursue business opportunities. You never know if your business can turn into an empire, offering you the chance to create generational wealth to pass down to the next generation. Good luck!

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