02/12/2018 09:25 EST | Updated 02/12/2018 09:25 EST

Celebrating My Wins Helps Me Succeed As A Freelancer

As creative freelancers, we need to keep their mind free of negativity, stress and doubt.

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The first time I found out the freelance life was a reality that some people live, the benefits of working from home was the first thought that came to mind. I failed to realize that 10-hour shifts of running a business were ahead. I spent my first year of working without taking a vacation with the fear in my mind it was the only way to succeed. At the end of the year, I was exhausted and lacked the energy to be creative which impacted by interest to keep writing.

The fear of failure mindset some business owners have is one of the reasons why most neglect their health and state of mind, often losing touch with celebrating on their journey.

The eight-hour work week in the office did not prepare me for the tedious work of administrative work, invoicing, communicating with clients and marketing that was required to sustain my lifestyle.

According to CNBC Make It., "more entrepreneurs stress about running their business than raising their kids." As creative freelancers, we need to keep their mind free of negativity, stress and doubt. The thoughts in our mind are can result in a ripple effect; one thought of doubt can negatively impact other areas of our life.

This blog is for business owners and freelancers that need help with balancing their day to keep the creativity flowing for success.

Start a play account

What is a play account? It is between five 10 per cent of your income put away for simply you. As a habit, it is suggested that it is used once a month or every few months. It can be used to cover aromatherapy sessions, going on a road trip or buying a trendy pair of shoes.

The mindset of celebrating achievements despite the long hours of work put into sustaining your business conditions the mind to celebrate your wins.

Share your wins

The quote that "it is better to be modest than honest" can dull the spirit of a business owner. I remember feeling the need to deflect when someone said something good to me in the office or complimenting them instead of accepting praise.

As entrepreneurs, we spend most of our day taking care of other people's needs to forget that recognition from our circle of friends should be proudly accepted.

Pin up a success road map

I challenge you to get a bulletin board and put it in a visible place at home to chart your success. At the left side of the board write the year you started with a line to the end of the paper. You can use a marker to track dates and achievements with cut-outs from magazines that represent the goal. This board is a self-motivating technique to remind you of how far you come. If you are not where you expected to be in your career or are feeling overworked, the board will remind you of your greatness.

Break time with friends and family

I can admit that when I worked in the corporate office, my breaks and lunch were essential. As I work from home freelancing, I feel the need to stay stuck to my computer to finish assignments on time.

An alarm is a good way to step away from the laptop to decompress. Schedule meetings with prospective clients at lunch to train yourself to leave your place. To rid the feeling of isolation, call friends or family members that work in the office during their breaks.

Final thoughts for people who are their own boss

If you work from home, the only person that can give you praise is the person you see in the mirror. The on-site entrepreneur can be distracted by running a business in the first years to later discover that the "fun along the journey" is the mindset to maintain.

It is important to balance smart work with taking care of yourself to prevent the passion for starting a business in the first place to disappear. The next time you feel overwhelmed, take a walk, schedule a date night using your play account or take a look at that progress map on the wall.