06/27/2015 06:36 EDT | Updated 06/27/2016 05:59 EDT

Marriage Equality Is a No-Brainer

When I heard that the U.S. Supreme Court had finally accorded marriage rights to gay people, it felt like one of those, "Well, yeah!" moments.

Here in Canada, same-sex marriage rights have been in place for a decade. It feels like the U.S. has finally caught up with the way things ought to be.

In this time of terrible racial tension, extreme misogyny and general intolerance toward one another, it's gratifying to see the U.S. do something unifying, rather than divisive.

Everyone deserves love, family, connection. If two people want to commit to each other in a relationship of mutual caring and affection, why would anyone think that this is a bad idea?

In my mind, people are people, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, country of origin or political opinion. We human beings have so much more in common than the superficial differences that often seem to divide us.

All around the world, people are very much the same. We all share the same joys and fears, the same needs, hopes and dreams. We all want to belong; to feel accepted, connected, acknowledged and understood.

Ignorance divides us; hatred comes from fear, misunderstanding, false assumptions and closed-mindedness, all mixed in with defensiveness and aggression.

In my work in helping people have great relationships, I see how people can be their best or their worst self; they can choose to rise above the primitive urges and impulses we all share or they can sink to the depths of depravity.

I support people in being the best they can be and in sharing the best of themselves with those they love. When people are their best, they contribute in meaningful ways to their loved ones and their community.

Being prejudiced, whether against the LGBT community or toward anyone else, is a primitive impulse. We can succumb to the urge to be hateful or we can rise above our baser instincts and open our hearts to love.

It's clear that the world needs more love and less hatred, more unification and less division, more peace and less war.

Embracing gay marriage is not only great for the individuals who want to marry their life partner; it's also good for everyone. The more love we foster, the more we support connections, and the healthier our families and communities will be.

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