06/23/2015 02:36 EDT | Updated 06/23/2016 05:59 EDT

Top Five Tips for Super Summer Romance

It's summer finally and if you're anything like me, you've come out of hibernation and are excited to be getting out there and enjoying everything that summer has to offer.

Here in Toronto, we have an exciting summer to look forward to including the Pan Am games. The city will be flooded with locals, tourists and world-class athletes.

For single guys in the city, all this activity is a great opportunity to meet new people and even start a summer romance.

Whether you're looking for some fun times or for something more lasting, here are my five top tips for super summer romance:

Tip #1: Gotta get out there! You're not going to meet anyone if you're hiding in your man-cave, eyes glued to your computer screen. Grab a friend and go somewhere, anywhere. Your chances of meeting a woman have already multiplied a thousand-fold!

Tip #2: Put your best foot forward. There will be a lot of cool, interesting new people in the city this summer, so you're going to want to be at the top of your game.

Dress to impress. By that I mean, don't be a slob! Make sure you're washed and groomed, and that your clothes and shoes aren't falling apart. The women will appreciate your effort.

Tip #3: Be yourself. You are your own best asset. Your personality, your smile, your taking an interest are what will draw someone to you. Instead of trying to impress a woman, charm her with your sincerity and have some fun discovering the things you have in common.

Tip #4: Leave the pick-up lines at home. Every woman over the age of 14 has heard her fair share of lines, and guys, they usually tend to backfire. See if you can break the ice by making a remark that's funny, topical or complimentary -- but not stalkerish.

Talk about the sporting event you're watching together, the craziness of downtown traffic or how great she looks, given the sweltering heat. She'll appreciate a funny or sweet comment so much more than a cheesy pick-up line.

Tip #5: Try to connect. Women are connectors. We like to feel that there's a real person standing across from us; someone who's actually capable of liking us, as opposed to someone whose sole purpose is to get something from us. Guys, you're more likely to get what you want if you start by making a connection.

Try these tips and who knows, your summer might just get a lot hotter!

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