03/04/2015 12:49 EST | Updated 05/04/2015 05:59 EDT

10 Essentials to Always Keep in Your Fridge

Woman looking at cake in through the fridge.
gerenme via Getty Images
Woman looking at cake in through the fridge.

I love it when guests pop over unannounced, so I always keep some essentials on hand to make it look as though I was expecting them:

1. Bottle of White Wine: This is self-explanatory! I keep a bottle of Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc chilled and ready because its citrus and passion fruit notes work wonderfully with a wide variety of foods.

2. Hard and Soft Cheese: Serving some cheeses on a small plate is the simplest way to impress.

3. Fresh Hazelnuts: You can snack on them raw, but I suggest pan roasting them quickly, then crushing them to top one of the soft cheeses.

4. Salami: Keep two or three different textures and tastes in the fridge that you can use to make a great platter in a hurry.


5. Pickled Products: I always have some pickled ramps, beets or onions as they make a great snack and are a perfect accompaniment to a charcuterie platter.

6. Olives: Keep a mixture of olives around. Microwave some in a bowl with some olive oil and spices as a snack, or use them in a martini.


7. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Use this to cook, to finish a dish or simply to break bread and use for dipping.

8. Bacon Jam: I swear this is the ketchup of this generation. It can be added to a grilled cheese sandwich, a baguette or your appetizer platters and will always be a conversation starter.

9. Mustards: These can be used on their own as a condiment or made into an aioli as a great pairing for smoked trout or burgers.

10. Dried Artisanal Pasta: Keep some in the pantry. You can easily whip together a tomato sauce and have a foolproof meal in a short amount of time.


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