07/28/2013 11:10 EDT | Updated 09/27/2013 05:12 EDT

The Week In Review: Welcoming George and Defending the Crown

This week began with the end of the royal baby watch when the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth Monday to a baby boy named, we would soon learn, George Alexander Louis. It turned out to be not only a happy occasion (baby and mother are both healthy), but also the beginning of many debates. Did Prince William screw up plugging George into the car seat for his ride home from the hospital? Did Kate do fellow women a service by appearing for photographs with the remains of her baby bump still prominent? Or was the good undone by the less realistically attainable perfect hair, makeup, and clothes? (Where's the royal spit-up?) Perhaps the most productive discussions spurred by young George's arrival were those that involved the merits of the monarchy. While it's hard to dispute the allure of the democratic and modern aspects of a republic in this day and age, I thought blogger John E.C. Thompson captured the importance of Canada's monarchy awfully well: "We are a confident nation with a strong international presence but a great deal of our character derives from our historic links with the Crown."

First Royal Baby Photos