02/19/2013 12:12 EST | Updated 04/21/2013 05:12 EDT

Change My Mind: Should Toronto Bet on a Casino?

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Toronto has become a world-class city, making it an obvious target location for a blockbuster tourist attraction: a casino. Mayor Rob Ford famously supported the bid by MGM Resorts to put an entertainment complex (the company claims only 10 per cent of the resort will be devoted to gambling) at Toronto's Exhibition Place, but many city councillors claim the complex would play Russian roulette with the city's urban infrastructure. Alan Feldman, the Senior Vice President of Public Affairs at MGM Resorts International sees a casino as more ca-ching for the city and its residents, while Toronto Councillor Mike Layton argues the complex would deal Torontonians and tourists a losing hand. Where do you put your money?