01/06/2013 12:21 EST | Updated 03/07/2013 05:12 EST

The Week in Review: Tweets from Space and Pitbull Problems

american pit bull terrier

This week, Huff Post Canada's own Rebecca Zamon put the reading habits of mere mortals to shame by sharing the 52 (yes, I did say 52) books she read in 2012. And we're not talking coffee-table photo collections, here. These are substantial novels and non-fiction works, ranging from Gillian Flynn's manipulative but addictive Gone Girl, to Startup Nation, Dan Senor and Saul Singer's readable take on Israel's entrepreneurial culture. Also in the how-do-real-human-beings-actually-achieve-such-things department, Paulina Gretzky and Julianne Moore both showed off incredible physiques in a Flare magazine photo spread and Hawaiian bikini shots, respectively. (But how many books did they read this past year? Hmmm?)

Meanwhile, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield caught our attention with a set of Tweets from a location few of us can hope to ever visit: The International Space Station. The good news: If all this is making you feel inadequate, just take a look at Col. Hadfield's photos. His incredible shots of Canada as seen from space will give you a sense of perspective.

Back on Earth, a series of pitbull attacks in Calgary reignited the ongoing debate about the efficacy and wisdom of dog-breed bans. Are all pitbulls just too inherently dangerous to trust around people and other dogs? And if so, is legally outlawing an entire breed the way to handle the problem? Well, at least the cats were all right: A Parliament Hill sanctuary that was once home to as many as 30 stray felines closed this week when the last of the homeless animals were adopted by volunteers. Here's hoping that's a sign of the kindness and compassion to come in the new year.

Here are the books Rebecca Zamon read last year so you didn't have to:

The 52 Books I Read This Year