12/11/2011 12:53 EST | Updated 02/09/2012 05:12 EST

A Challenge to Canadian Conservatives: Let's Meet at the Coal Blockades!

Chained to a coal loader with Deborah Yedlin, part-time Calgary Herald columnist and full-time informal CAPP lobbyist -- now there's an image that will keep you warm at night. Or perhaps staging an anti-coal occupation of Peter Kent's office with Senator Linda Frum? After all, those unelected senators need to earn their pay somehow.

Among the various dodges deployed to point fingers somewhere -- anywhere -- away from the destruction that tar sands companies are inflicting on Northern Alberta and on our climate is the argument that activists should in fact be fighting against coal instead. We saw it again here on HuffPost recently from conservative blogger Kathryn Marshall.

It's actually a bit of an embarrassing oversight that those using this dodge don't know that in fact there is a massive anti-coal campaign underway all across North America. There's this new thing called "the Google" that they should really try out.

If they did, they'd see for example Michael Bloomberg's recent $50 million donation to fight coal plants. Or see the thousands of petitions sent to Peter Kent to demand that he close the loophole in his coal regulations that would allow Maxim Power to build a new coal plant. Or even see the building movement against Canada exporting climate change through coal exports.

Yes, more can be done, which is why today I'm challenging these tar sands apologists to put their bodies where their mouths are. After all, as good conservatives we know they care deeply about the severe impacts that climate change will have on our national security and on the welfare of our families, and so really mean what they say about going after coal pollution.

So how about it, Deborah, Senator Frum, Kathryn? See you on the Maxim blockade?