04/27/2012 03:33 EDT | Updated 06/27/2012 05:12 EDT

Why The Gutless Gutting?

So many questions about Canada today. So few answers.

What are the Conservatives scared of, indirectly gutting environmental laws via the budget, rather than standing proud in the House to vote for the more appropriately named "Big Oil Now RunsThe Country Act"?

Why does the Harper government dislike kids so much, formally reneging on Canada's international climate commitments when even the small c-conservative International Energy Agency now warns us we are on track to a civilization-killing six degrees of warming?

(Oh, and why wasn't the latter considered by most media to be "news," even in brackets?)

When did the mandate of Ducks Unlimited and the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters change from protecting fish and wildlife to protecting the asses of Conservatives?

Why isn't Bev Oda travelling with a flask of Ethical Apple Juice from Canada instead of that $16 foreign juice?

Will some of the new $8 million dedicated to investigating charities go into uncovering the activities paid for by the U.S. Koch Brothers going to the Fraser Institute, or the charitable conservative infrastructure building of the Manning Centre?

Why isn't the Canadian oil industry already required to post adequate liability insurance for spills, something that the City of Vancouver is now asking for there?

What would Peter Kent have thought about his media muzzling of civil servants when he was a journalist?

Does anyone remember all those politicians telling us they didn't need to pass actual carbon pollution regulations because carbon apture and storage was going to save us?

If one of the massive, leaking, bitumen filled toxic tailings 'ponds' combusted, would it qualify as a "lake of fire"?

Will 2012 go down in history as the year that Canada officially tipped over into being a petro-state?

What are you doing to take our country back?