09/21/2017 15:00 EDT | Updated 09/21/2017 15:00 EDT

Simplify Your Exercise Routine

Simplifying your approach to maintaining a regular exercise routine and eating healthy can make a world of difference to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many people struggle with fitting exercise into their daily lives – they're too busy, too tired or they just don't know where to begin. The key is to keep it simple.

Your overall routine should consist of 150 minutes or more of exercise each week. To reap the greatest benefits, shape a routine that includes a minimum of 30 minutes of daily exercise and if possible, get it done first thing in the morning. Include a minimum of five aerobic workouts, two strength training sessions and daily stretching each week.

Here are three steps to simplifying your routine and securing your success:

  1. Move your body – easily exercise by knowing your 'ABCs:'
  • A – Aerobic activity that raises heart rate and respiratory rate. Power walking, jogging, cycling, swimming and cardio fitness classes are all great examples.
  • B – Build the strength necessary to maintain lean muscle, healthy bones and manage your body weight. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you will burn even at rest or while you are sleeping. Building strength will also help you gain stamina and the more you have of both the more you can do while exerting less effort.
  • C – Care for your muscles, joints and soft tissues. Regular movement and daily stretching is essential for feeling agile and energetic. Yoga, foam rolling and stretching exercises along with getting up out of your chair to move every 30 minutes are ways you can care for your body.
  1. Fuel your body – provide yourself the energy, essential nutrients and building blocks for achieving and maintaining lean body tissue (muscle and bones), managing your metabolism and body weight long term.

    To simplify your eating plan, try to reduce the extra calories that are common in sauces and condiments as they contain added sugar. Instead, increase your consumption of vegetables, nuts and legumes with lean, organic proteins. Eat most of your calories early in the day, consuming the biggest meal at breakfast, a medium sized meal at lunch and your smallest meal at dinner. This will help your body to burn fat while you sleep.
  2. Mind your attitude – your mind will believe everything you tell it. If you tell yourself you are old, then you will most likely feel your age. In fact, an incredible new study found that people who believed they were less active than their peers, even if they were just as active as their friends and family, actually had an increased risk of early death. And it worked in the reverse too – if you believe you are physically active and feeling healthy, your body will react as if that's your reality. So your mindset plays a significant role in your physical wellbeing.

    Once you decide you will do something (and you know why you are doing it), then you will find a way. Those who succeed with exercise make no excuse and they decide to make it an important daily action that eventually becomes a habit. You can shape your attitude like building any muscle.

Treat exercise as if it's as important as going to work, school or a doctor's appointment. Schedule your time to exercise into your calendar and commit to it. Follow the tips above and keep it simple to succeed.