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Strike A Balance As You Get Back Into Routine This Fall

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September is here, and with the arrival of the cooler crisp air and changing colours we are adjusting to getting back into the comfort of our familiar routines. Getting back into the swing of things can be quite hectic after a summer of relaxation -- holidays are over, kids are back at school, school year activities begin and your personal time is minimal. The thought of organizing everything you need to do can be stressful.

It's important to take the time to stop and breathe, slow your mind down and ask yourself 'what's important now' (think WIN). By doing this you will be able to establish your priorities and in return you will find it easier to organize your responsibilities. If you take time to set yourself up for success everything else tends to fall into place.

Keep in mind that your WIN will change throughout the weeks and months as priorities shift. Review your WIN daily and weekly and be prepared to revise and try new things to find what works for you and your family. Striking a balance is about setting priorities and molding them in a way that your schedule incorporates a flow between life, work and everything else in-between.

Begin every day with the end of it in mind. Envision how you would like every day to be and remember the mind only knows what you tell it. Your choices will create your outcome -- you must consciously choose to prioritize and plan. Here's how you can obtain this goal:

Take Five

Perform the following each morning upon rising and again in the evening before you lay your head down:

• Take two minutes to reflect and set your priorities and goals for the day.

• Take two minutes to schedule it--in your outlook, planner, or whatever you used to track your daily appointments. The most important step is writing it down and scheduling.

• Take one minute to affirm it by stating your priorities and goals out loud.

With the September rush getting back into fitness can be the hardest part of establishing your routine. It's common for those who have not experienced the benefits of fitness in their life on a consistent basis, to not prioritize their fitness, exercise or workouts first. In many cases, people plan everything else first in their day, not taking any time for themselves. They will then attempt to squeeze a workout in at the end when everything else is complete and they are mentally and physically drained and don't find themselves successful in their efforts.

When you prioritize your exercise first and schedule it like an appointment, you are more likely to succeed. For a lot of people, working out first thing in the morning, or even mid-day, versus the end of the day, provides them with more energy, stamina, strength, mental endurance, quicker problem-solving abilities, more patience and presence and an overall sense of happiness!

Regardless of what time you exercise, you will find you perform better, make better choices and decisions and are a better version of yourself at work. You'll discover you can manage anxiety and stress better. You will sleep better, look better and feel better. By fitting some time into your day for yourself and fitness, you become your best self, which is what we should all strive for.

Best Yourself

This fall GoodLife Fitness is launching their Best Yourself campaign -- something that I think applies to finding the balance that we all seek. It's not about being the best at everything you do or competing with others but it is about being the best you that you can possibly be. Success comes down to working towards your own best. You must remember your definition of success is up to you.

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