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25 Reasons My Holidays Rocked When I Was Pregnant

I know that swollen ankles, nausea and exhaustion don't always pair well with all the activities, but being pregnant during the holidays is not all bad!

If being pregnant at this time of year has you feeling more stuffed than the turkey, and you need help getting your pantyhose on for the company party because you can't see your feet, I feel you. I know that swollen ankles, nausea and exhaustion don't always pair well with endless parties, cooking large meals and being social. But being pregnant during the holidays is not all bad!

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When I talk to women who are pregnant at this time of year, I hear frustration over family that asks over and over if they are "sure it isn't twins in there?" and limited options over clothing for special events. I know that sitting in the car for hours to get to a family gathering when you feel like you need to use the washroom every 20 minutes can feel like a new kind of torture. And I remember during my own pregnancies wanting to just take a nap because I was busy growing a human being.

But it isn't all bad. Whether you just got your positive test or your baby is coming any day now, there are certainly ways to enjoy being pregnant at the holidays. So put your feet up and enjoy being pampered.

Here are some things to look forward to this holiday season:

Maternity pants

I probably don't need to elaborate on this, but just in case I do – pants that stretch to accommodate whatever meal you just ate, but don't look like sweats? Perfect!

People come to you

Park your bump in the comfiest chair in the room and let people come to you. Those swollen ankles are a great excuse to put your feet up.

Second helpings

Or thirds, I won't judge! No one bats an eyelash when you tuck into a second plate of Mom's famous turkey and stuffing.

The last piece of pie

It's yours. End of discussion.

Sleeping in

If this is your first baby, this may be one of the last holidays you can sleep until noon for a while. Enjoy it!

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No one questions when you say you need to lie down. And you don't need turkey for an excuse to catch a few winks.

Ugly sweaters

Somehow they are even funnier over top of a baby bump.

Perfect excuse

Being pregnant is the perfect excuse to get out of an event early. Or just to get away from Uncle Walt who is telling the story about the one that got away. Again.

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This is often when family gets together, even if they live too far apart to see each other all year.

Not travelling

If your family is the kind you don't want to see around the holidays, you've got a perfect reason to not travel this year (or next!).

Perfect temperature

Now that you have a mini-furnace attached to you, the cold weather is often the perfect temperature so that you don't melt!

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Reason to cry

You can watch all the sappy holiday movies and cry your eyes out and no one can make fun of you about crying for no reason.

Favourite foods

That special recipe you have been craving but didn't have the energy to make yourself? Someone else can make sure it makes it to the table this year.

No hosting

You don't have to host any events this year!

Sensitive nose

Pine and fir trees smell good and can help the nausea because they cover the smell of last night's dinner.

Travelling table

Your belly makes an excellent table for a dessert plate.

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Time off

All the extra holidays mean you have some time to catch up and rest.

Sweet tooth

Do you have a sweet tooth with this pregnancy? Desserts and special treats are never far away this time of year.

No Spanx

While you can get maternity shape wear, why would you? No reason to wiggle into something tight and confining.

Hand me downs

Seeing all that family means that you just might receive Cousin Julie's fabulous, and currently unused, stroller. Or all those adorable baby clothes your older brother won't need any time soon.


Sales abound this time of year, allowing you to get many of your big-ticket baby items, such as strollers and furniture, at great prices.

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Maternity pictures

If you want maternity photos, this can be one of the best times of year to do it. Although it might be a little cold, there is something magical about maternity pictures in the snow.

No clean-up

That massive pile of dishes, pots and pans in the kitchen? It's someone else's job this year.

Tree removal

Someone else will have to put all the ornaments away and sweep up all those pine needles.


This is a perfect time to revive old traditions, or start new ones, for your growing family.

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