09/30/2013 05:51 EDT | Updated 11/30/2013 05:12 EST

VIDEO: How To Get Your Kids Cooking

Cookies with Kids

Can you handle this kind of cuteness overload???

When Mia was first born, I wrote a post called "Cookies for Mia Jean" declaring that I loved this peanut so much I would let her have cookies for breakfast. A year later, Mia's momma Carly shared these Mia Cookies with my readers. When Mia was two, I stole her heart... and as promised, her breakfast with these almond power cookies.

It was therefore only fitting that for her debut on Meghan TV, we could bake the Mia Cookies together.

Now super sassy and all grown up at 3 1/2 years old, Miss Mia joins me in the kitchen to show me the ways of cookie making.

I know you may be completely distracted by her sweetness, but the point here is that if you want your kids in on the good, home-cooked food, bring them into the kitchen with you.

There is no greater way to engage your kids in what they're eating, no matter what age, than by sharing the process with them -- get those kids cooking!

They certainly will not do things exactly as you would like, and that's a-okay. Make the kitchen the place to connect and the food, no matter what you're making will taste that much better.

In this episode:

  • I share a super smart way to get kids reading recipes even before they can read.
  • Key tips for cultivating a positive atmosphere in the kitchen.
  • A strategy to help your kids feel like they are making their own food choices.
  • Mia shares her special technique for forming cookies.
  • Mia reveals who her boyfriend is.
  • You melt from cuteness overload! (Mia's pretty sweet too ;))

The recipe for these cookies can be found in Chapter 7 of UnDiet or refer to this blog post for a variation.

What are your tips, tricks, strategies and secrets to get your kids eating the way you want them to? Share below!