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7 Great Reasons To Get Your Butt On A Bicycle

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Balancing on a self-propelled, two-wheeled mechanism is not everyone's cup of tea. Those who do it, though, agree that it's one of the most exciting experiences. Cycling is an activity that has significant social, economical and health benefits. And with all the new technologies available, it's only getting better.

Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider taking up cycling as your newest hobby.

1. Economic Benefits

Bicycling saves you money when used as a means of transport. Instead of using up gas to go check out something at the mall or meet up with a friend, riding a bicycle could be a cheaper means to get there. Bicycles don't need insurance and their maintenance together with their initial cost is a mere fraction compared to that of a vehicle. Plus, the time saved not sitting in traffic could be used for other activities like beard grooming or lumberjacking.

2. Environmental Benefits

It's no secret that automobiles are some of the most significant contributors to today's carbon footprint. But did you also know that it is safer to cycle when it comes to engine fumes pollution? The Imperial College of London found that passengers in buses and other vehicles inhaled more of the engine gases than the people cycling or walking. This means that the LESS time we all spend stuck in vehicles with the engines running, the better.

3. Physical Benefits

Unlike most torture methods exercises, bicycling is fun. Despite getting physically exhausted, no one will dread going for a bike ride. And the exercise factor can even be improved by using new technologies like a cycling power meter or a battery power converter. Pedaling a bike will also be much easier on the legs, knees, ankles and feet than many physical activities. There is no need to have half of your body aching, all in the name of exercise.

4. Relationship Benefits

Today's busy schedules make it difficult for partners and families to spend any quality time together. By the time many of us get home, we either have more duties or just want to sleep. Try incorporating bicycling with your partner, family member or friend into your routine. Just remember that it doesn't have to be a race. Go at a slower pace so you get to talk and catch up.

5. Health Benefits

Cycling involves full body movement. Such movement helps reduce the time food takes to move through the intestines. The aerobic exercise from cycling also strengthens breathing and the heart rate which in turn stimulates proper contraction of muscles in the colon. Hopefully you see where I'm going with this one. Happy pooping!

6. Mental Benefits

Cycling improves both the respiratory and blood circulatory systems, which in turn provide oxygen to the brain in sufficient amounts. Oxygen helps in the rebuilding of brain cells in the hippocampus which is the memory part of the brain. Since memory deterioration begins after age 30, people around that age should be engaged in physical activities (before they forget).

7. Sexual Benefits

Men are said to reduce in libido as they grow older as compared to their youthful years. Cycling can help to fire up the vascular system which boosts sex drive. Research by Harvard University found that physical activities such as cycling help men over 50 years of age avoid impotence and erectile dysfunction.

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