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The Top Tech Essentials For Back to School

The new school year is upon us, and while you've probably already equipped yourself with the basics, here are some fun tech devices you'll need to get a leg up in the classroom and shake it up in the dorm room.

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The new school year is upon us, and while you've probably already equipped yourself with the basics, here are some fun tech devices you'll need to get a leg up in the classroom and shake it up in the dorm room.

Party speakers

Since a lot of your school days will be spent in your dorm room, why not convert your space into a fun place to live, study and hang out. Every student pad needs music, right? This year, kick things up a notch and make your dorm room fun central with a Bluetooth speaker and party light. If it has the word party in its name, you know it's guaranteed to stir up some good times. Press play and watch as multi-coloured lights bounce across the walls and ceilings, all while you control your music remotely from your music device or smartphone. Or, harness the power of H2O and plug into a full stereo water-speaker sound system and see your music come to life through LED water jets that dance to the beat and create the perfect party atmosphere.

Noise-cancelling and touch-control headphones

When it's time to hit the books and get into the studying zone, you'll be happy to have a good-quality pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Think of these as having a personal mute button for the world -- especially handy when you're stuck in a crowded environment or plagued by a snoring roommate. Just pop on your headphones and cram to your favourite tunes while blocking out everything and everyone else.

When you're on the move, don't get tied down by wires. Instead, free your listening experience with wireless headphones. Some have controls right on the earcups so you can quickly adjust the volume or answer calls with a simple touch without fumbling to find your device in your backpack. And, with NFC technology, you can pair your device instantly by tapping it to the headphones and streaming music wirelessly.

Smart Accessories

In a recent poll commissioned by The Source, 62 per cent of students surveyed chose more than one piece of technology as a back-to-school essential. Laptops, smartphones, headphones, and power adapters are strapped to our shoulders, glued to our hands, plugged in our ears and stuffed in our backpacks. Thankfully, you can lighten the load a bit with a sleek smartwatch. Not only will this all-in-one device make a fashion statement but it will also help you stay connected to your digital world and give you access to your favourite content on the go. Easily sync your smartwatch with your smartphone and you can answer calls, check emails, play games, listen to music, even snap photos right from your wrist. If you're stuck in class and get a message, you can quickly glance at your watch to preview it and then pick it up on your phone after class. Plus, with interchangeable straps, you can personalize your device to suit your style.

For students who are concerned with gaining the dreaded "freshman 15," a fitness band is a great companion. Track daily steps taken, calories burned, even monitor your sleep. And manage your entire fitness plan from your smartphone. With a heavy-duty, water-resistant design, you never have to take it off, so you can stay on track no matter where you go.

Multi-purpose tech

Since your smartphone is basically the centre of your digital and social universe, you'll want to make sure it's protected and powered at all times. A rechargeable battery case can double your phone's battery life while keeping your device protected at the same time. And, if your selfies and videos are starting to take up too much room, no need to delete; just pop on a rechargeable case with built-in storage and get up to 32GB of extra space -- protection, power and storage all in one.

To maximize your dorm space, getting a multi-purpose device like a dual pen-holder and alarm clock will keep your writing utensils and other supplies organized and help you get to class on time. Plus with a built-in four-port USB hub, you can keep all your peripherals charged.

Whether it's a dance party in your dorm room, watching a video from your wrist, squeezing in a run in between classes or all of the above, let technology help you to have some adventures this school year. Have fun, learn a lot, and make this your best school year yet.

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