01/31/2013 04:16 EST | Updated 04/02/2013 05:12 EDT

Why I'm Saying Yes To (Mom) Bangs


One of the most moronic articles I've read in a while came across my Facebook and Twitter feeds recently. Some author was all in a huff about how J.Lo and Michelle Obama had gone out and gotten "mom bangs."

WTF are "mom bangs?"

She states how bangs are just another way for women to cover up wrinkles... and that they are childish.

Lacking any evidence, many of us can get lured into thinking bangs make us look more youthful. But maybe...I'm whispering now...maybe they just make us look more stupid.

She then goes on to say that you should only feel free to rock a fringe "... if you are Jennifer Lopez and pop culture is your primary currency. But not when quiet authority, inner happiness and effective leadership are your goals."

Really? Having bangs is a statement about what your values are?

I recently did get bangs and here's why:

  1. I am vain. There I said it. There is a deep wrinkle above one of my eyebrows that drives me crazy. To anyone else it's nothing, but to me it's a crease I would rather not see every day.
  2. I am cheap. Botox is 'effing expensive. If I can get away with a haircut that's going to do the same job, so be it.
  3. I'm fickle. This change is not permanent. When I get sick of them (and I will ... remember, I'm fickle) I can grow them out.
  4. I was bored. I had the same hairstyle for years. Having kids can cause an identity crisis much like a breakup or milestone birthday. Sometimes we just need something new.
  5. Bangs are in style. Check out some magazines, yo. From models to movie stars, bangs, if you can pull them off, are trending right now. Jessica Beil, Heidi Klum, Nicole Ritchie ... did I miss anyone?
  6. Brigitte f*#king Bardot. Nobody would ever say her bangs looked stupid.

Now although I state all these reasons, which on reflection do seem pretty shallow... I really just wanted a new do. I also went blonde years back and guess what, I was the same person. And my currency is love, inner happiness, joy and strength. But (gasp!!) I like to look good and change things up once in a while, too!

For god sake, woman, it's a haircut. Find something better to do with your time than to criticize a fairly common do. And by the way, your photo looks like you have some pretty nice side-swept bangs there yourself, so quit calling the kettle black.